Future traffic challenges
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Future traffic challenges

Post by RK News on Monday, September 18, 2023

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For the last one decade, the traffic has increased manifold due to the rapid use of private transport and other automobiles. The future trends indicate that traffic woes will continue to get worse in the near future posing a serious and worsening problem. Till now the traffic department has not done enough to chalk out a comprehensive policy as how to negotiate with the growing traffic and how it can be streamlined. The rising incidents of road accidents portray a grim picture and give an indication as how ruthlessly the traffic laws and regulations are being violated across the Valley. Traffic department should create a certain degree of caution in the minds of traffic violators.  If we have to develop a hassle free traffic mechanism, a sustainable and effective strategy is needed to cope up with the future traffic challenges. There is a dire need to restructure the traffic mechanism and to relieve the people from the daily torment which they have to undergo due to heavy traffic jams and disruptions. The traffic department needs to act wisely and judiciously. Building more flyovers and underpasses for smooth flow of traffic has become inevitable in order to reduce traffic congestion on roads. The lane management is also crucial. At the same time, the commuters must also abide by traffic rules and avoid changing of lanes too frequently. Even if authorities come up with better plans, road diversions, controlled traffic systems, it eventually comes down to people driving in the city. However, it will be a difficult task to inculcate the law abiding tendency among the masses instantly. The traffic department should behave sternly. Whosoever is found violating the traffic rules and regulations should be dealt with seriously. Also, organizing traffic awareness drives frequently can go a long way in educating common masses about the importance of traffic rules and regulations. Furthermore, if the department would include local population and make them participate in the traffic drives, results could be much better. This step will be more beneficial and fruitful as it not only will act as police-public connect but the people can also put forward their problems which they confront while driving their vehicles. This step will help the concerned department in more than one way. First, a rapport will establish between the two parties who are otherwise always considered as enemies to each other. Besides, a number of problems would be addressed if this method is frequently adopted. One may remind that it is not the force but the spirit which can make any law practicable.   



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