Future education
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Future education

Post by on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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 As kids grow to be youth and finally to be contributing citizens, it is an important responsibility of the parents and the state to provide them opportunities that can help them in holistic growth and development of human faculties.

It is a fact that kids make the future of our society. If they grow in better ways, if they learn in fresh forms, and if they perform exceptionally well in any competition, it impacts a generation that has to hold the command of this society in its hands soon, and any effect on them will stay longer within us. Probably this is the reason that more developed nations consider kids as the real human resource that has to be unleashed in future. 

Apart from affection towards kids, which so naturally comes to human civilization, more enlightened societies work on them in a methodical way so as to explore bundles of talent that God has made them a storehouse of.

This is one of the main contributing factors for why the entry level age for various professional activities, in the developed world, has coming down. In entrepreneurship, academic research, film making, science and technology, and even in sports, we always come across very young talent emerging in developed world. It is no surprise as such societies work on their kids from the very beginning. They groom them in ways that inculcates confidence and aptitude in them.

They encourage the qualities of being quick to understand things and arrive at conclusions fast. They make them learn alphabets and numbers in such a way that sharpens their mental faculty. Like in all else, we lag behind here too. We may invest in our kids in other ways, but we don’t follow a method and hardly believe in the fact that we can make them competitive, sharp and confident from the very beginning.

. The need of the hour is to sharpen the skills of children and make them perform at various competitions. In this regard all our educational institutions need to inculcate innovate skills among the students besides giving them formal course of education. Schools should adopt methods that sharpen the mental faculty of kids.

Experts believe that main aim of the educational institutes should not be to help children calculate faster but to develop the attitude to maintain and absorb information quickly. We should make these fresh brains work faster and for longer time. After all the secret of success in any sphere of life depends on how fast you learn things and how longer you perform. If we concentrate on our children we can make them wiz kids and later transform them into wise men.


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