From mannequin to models
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From mannequin to models

Post by on Sunday, January 23, 2022

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In order to make clothing brands more attractive, the promotion of clothes in Kashmir has taken a U –turn from displaying it on mannequin to modelling.

Whereas, the trend of branding the Kashmiri outlets is on rise, Rising Kashmir’s feature writer Saba Khan spoke to some of the models to understand the idea of fashion modelling in Kashmir.

Eshrat Shafi

One of the fashion models, Eshrat Shafi of Srinagar who is promoting a clothing brand of Kashmiri dresses said that she is very fond of the modelling profession. “I want to pursue my career in this field only as the profession seems to be future of Kashmir. This is one of the main reasons for being in this profession.”

On being asked about how many brands she has worked for so far, she said, “I have been working as a model with different 15 clothing brands of Kashmir for promotions.”

Shafi, who has perused her MBA from Bangalore, believe that to be a good fashion model, one has to maintain herself and in this regard, she go to the gym to improve her physique. “Besides modeling, my hobbies are photography, reading fashion magazines and blogs.”

She said, “I have been into this profession for a long time. Now, I have my interest in this filed has developed and I want to be the inspiration for others like me.”

While talking about the feedback she was getting from her clients and general public, Shafi said, “So far I have been getting optimistic feedback and I have a positive attitude towards it because the people around me are very encouraging.”

Her clients get in touch with her through social media like Whatsapp and Instagram. Sharing her experience about her first photo-shoot of her career, Shafi said, “The first photo-shoot, I did was with “Vi’ En’ Rose” designers store. It was a new experience and yet quite amazing one.”

“I have over two years of modeling experience, and being a hard worker, I am willing to work above expectations to ensure the photo-shoot goes well,” she said.

Shafi says that the longest photo-shoot she did was with Pride of Kashmir—a local clothing brand of Pashmina shawls. “It took me a day to complete because they had to capture a lot of photos in different outfits, it was a bit lengthy.”

She said, “The modeling, I am looking forward to do here in Kashmir is about traditional ethnic wear.”

Shafi says that she was inspired by famous fashion designer Manushi Chillar. “Chillar was from the medical field and then she became Miss World in 2017 and that was an inspiration for me as to how a person from another profession can excel.”

“I am very thankful to my family who always remained supportive throughout my journey,” she said.

Muskan Hilal

Another budding fashion model of Kashmir, Muskaan Hilal of Soura area of Srinagar says that she started her journey in 2021.

19-year-old fashion model, Muskaan says that her cousin Sehreen Dar showed her a way out to excel in this field. 

Sehreen Dar is also a model and she has won national certificate for modeling.

“As of now, I am working with a handful of brands in Kashmir. However, I am looking for more clothing brands to work with,” Muskaan said.

“If we talk about professional goals, I just want to excel in modeling profession and want to prove myself in a better way,” she said.

Muskaan said, “I love travelling because I think travelling just opens up your mind and the flow of information you get through traveling is exemplary”.

“Besides modeling, I am not working anywhere. I am passionate about my profession,” she said.

Muskaan said, “In Kashmir where a group of people are full of narrow-minded, I mostly ignore what they say and I keep on focusing on my work,”

Sharing her experience about her first photo-shoot, Muskaan said, “My first photo-shoot was in October last year. I don’t have that much of experience in modeling profession but with each passing day, it is growing.”

While talking about the challenges she face after choosing the modeling as profession, Muskaan said, “In every field, one has to face certain elements that are not happy with your success. Best is to ignore them and move on.”

Aksa Khan

Likewise, another model from Srinagar, Aksa Khan says that her interest in modeling has taken her to fashion designing school in Delhi.

21-year-old Khan said that she had completed her 12th standard from DPS Srinagar in the year 2019. “Now I am pursuing fashion designing from Delhi.”

“I have worked as a model with number of clothing brand outlets like Tul palav, Sechan Pann, Heeposh and other brands as well,” she said.

“I want to reach a platform where I can have enough reach to extend my spectrum of influence and bring a reform in the perception of our society,” Khan said.

Khan says that she is currently doing a course of fashion designing to keep her hobby alive. “I like to review make-up products and designer clothes.”

“Choosing the career in modeling was my choice. I decided to be in this field when I was a child. I was always inspired by the models and the whole industry in general,” she said.

“The feedback I have been receiving has been good but it also has been towards the negative side. On social media, there are comments on my posts where some people express their baseless criticism and constantly try to demoralize me,” she said.

Khan said, “Instagram has been the main source of my work where different brands contact me for collaborations. Scores of other pages also help me in connecting with my clients.”

“My first photo-shoot was with Tull -Palav in which the outfit was of a cultural and traditional type. Since my first shoot was with a well reputed brand of Kashmir, it was overall a good experience,” she said. 

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