Friends & colleagues share heartfelt tributes to DSP Humayun
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Friends & colleagues share heartfelt tributes to DSP Humayun

DSP Humayun Bhat laid to rest amidst tears & tributes

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Friday, September 15, 2023

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Srinagar, Sept 14:  In a somber moment of remembrance, the Jammu and Kashmir Police, along with grieving family and friends, pays tribute to the heroic Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Humayun Bhat, who made the supreme sacrifice while combating terrorists in the Kokernag area of south Kashmir's Anantnag district.
Born in 1989, Humayun Bhat received his early education in a private school in Srinagar. As the younger son of a former senior police officer, he inherited a legacy of service. His journey in the police force began with probationary and initial postings in Srinagar, followed by a second posting in Pattan, Baramulla. His latest role as the SDPO of Kokernag began in June of this year.
The farewell of a father bidding adieu to his son has left everyone in tears. DSP Humayun Bhat leaves behind a young family, including a month-old baby. At the official event held in honour of the young martyr, visuals of the grieving father, Ghulam Hassan Bhat, himself a former senior police official, laying a wreath on his son's coffin created an emotionally charged atmosphere.
Amidst a sea of mourners, the former senior police officer sat silently, his gaze fixed on the ground, the weight of sorrow palpable. The grief of the slain DSP's father was too profound for words.
A close relative of DSP Bhat described him as a noble and reserved man who had never spoken to anyone in anger since his childhood. “His friendly nature and gentle demeanor served as an inspiration to the youth,” he added.
“From an early age, Himayun had a deep fondness for the uniform. He completed civil engineering at SSM College and had been selected as a JE, but he chose a different path,” he further added. 
DSP Humayun Bhat had been serving in the Jammu and Kashmir Police for the past three years. Mourners gathered in large numbers to bid their final farewell to Bhat, his mortal remains draped in the tricolor, as they arrived at Humhama.
Among the mourners was his wife, holding their month-old baby in her lap, a poignant symbol of the family's shattered dreams. The tragic events unfolded on that ill-fated Wednesday when two Army personnel, including a Colonel commanding a battalion, a Major, and Deputy Superintendent Humayun Bhat, were killed in a fierce gunfight with terrorists in the remote Kokernag area. The operation had started the evening prior in the Kokernag area but had been called off during the night.
Meanwhile, a fellow DSP and friend fondly remembered Himayun as an exceptional individual. He had excelled at the police academy in Udhampur, consistently securing the top position in various events. He was known not only for his fitness but also for his discipline and respect for everyone. Even after enduring rigorous training, he never missed a day at the gym.
"One can only imagine his extraordinary fitness as he clung to life despite sustaining three bullets. His unwavering dedication to his duty offset his shy nature. A day before his sacrifice, he had called a friend to discuss finding a maid for his newborn baby. Little did they know that it would be their last conversation, leaving his friend in a state of shock and disbelief."
His roommate and fellow DSP, Azhar (name changed), remembered Humayun as a remarkable human being. He had never witnessed Humayun engage in arguments with anyone. They had spent two years together, and Azhar could vividly recall Humayun's smiling face, an image etched forever in his memory.
A female colleague of DSP Bhat struggled to find words to describe his personality. To her, there was no one quite like Himayun—not only a great cop but also an even greater friend. "She added that female colleagues never hesitated to share their problems with him."
One of Himayun's friends, who had the privilege of speaking to him shortly before he departed, echoed his name in grief and disbelief. "Himayun, Himayun, Himayun" were the words that resonated through the phone call, leaving a profound void in their hearts.

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