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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy and Why?

Post by on Friday, December 3, 2021

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1. Specific deep sea fish species: Mackrel, Tuna, Snappers etc
Risk of higher levels of mercury in these fish which could be poisonous for the fetus
2. Unpasteurized milk or cheeses made from unpasteurized milk
Could contain listeria a bacteria which can be critical to the fetus
3. Coffee & caffiene loaded drinks.
Studies have linked excessive caffeine intake to miscarriages especially in the first trimester. 
4. Raw chicken, eggs, fish, cake batter, BBQ, sushi, mayonaise & desserts with raw eggs. 
Could contain salmonella & bacteria which can be harmful. 
5. Raw, smoked or undercooked meats
Risk of harmful E. Coli bacteria exists unless meats are well cooked.

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