Firefighter, civilian injured in blaze at Lal Chowk
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Firefighter, civilian injured in blaze at Lal Chowk

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Sunday, June 25, 2023

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Srinagar, June 24: A firefighter and a civilian were injured while battling a fierce blaze that erupted in the Fair Deal Complex near Regal Lane in the bustling Lal Chowk area of Srinagar on Saturday morning.
Eyewitnesses reported a massive fire that broke out in the Fair Deal Complex, causing significant damage to two shops, Shfaaq Enterprises and Saif Sons. Two individuals were caught in the chaos, with Rouf Ahmed, a salesman at Lady Care shop, and Gulzar Ahmed, a firefighter from the Gowkadal fire station, sustaining injuries.
Prompt action was taken by nearby residents who raised the alarm and immediately attempted to extinguish the flames. Fire and emergency officials swiftly arrived at the scene to join forces with the locals in their firefighting efforts.
An official from the fire and emergency department revealed that upon receiving the distress call, their personnel were dispatched without delay. Unfortunately, during the operation, one firefighter suffered injuries. The injured firefighter was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, where he is currently in stable condition.
The officer stated that the fire was triggered by a gas cylinder blast earlier in the morning. He also acknowledged that the firefighting operation presented considerable challenges, resulting in the injury of one of their own. The injured firefighter has been transferred to a nearby medical facility to receive the necessary medical attention.
"In this incident, both a firefighter and a civilian sustained injuries while courageously carrying out their duties. The swift response and collaboration between the local residents and the fire and emergency officials played a crucial role in minimizing the damage caused by the fire," emphasized the officer.
This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of fire safety measures and the need for constant vigilance to prevent such occurrences in the future, the officer maintained.
As investigations continue into the cause of the blaze, authorities are expected to assess the extent of the damage and provide necessary support to the affected shop owners.

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