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Fazil Zahoor: A passionate writer with 80 plus anthologies to credit

Post by on Monday, March 7, 2022

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Fazil Zahoor, 17, is a passionate writer who started writing when he was just 13 years old. Within the span of four years, he has written extensively and made his name among the writers who won international awards.
Hailing from chimmer, Noorabad in the south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, Fazil is a published writer of two books: ‘The Real Truth’ and ‘Quiet Soul’. Besides, he has more than 80 anthologies to his credit.
He has won an international award ‘Asian Education Award’ as a young writer of the year 2021 for his book ‘The Real Truth’. For his other book ‘Quiet Soul’, he has won ‘Forever Star Book of World Record’.
The theme of his writings includes leadership, regrets of life, the race of life, and barriers to success. 
Fazil is a medical student at Government Higher Secondary School Noorabad, Kulgam. He is also working as a PRO of Helping Hands Charitable Foundation Trust since 2021. 
While talking with Rising Kashmir, Fazil said, “The journey of life is unstoppable in every known aspect. In different stages of life, we focus on how to change the conditions of life, and we put efforts in reaching to the peak of success accordingly.” 
He has started writing in the first year of his teenage. “My journey started When I was 13 years of age and was studying in 8th standard. While reading the books of some scholars in the library of Jamia Siraj Ul Uloom Shopian, I suddenly felt into the naturalistic beliefs of life.”
Fazil has written mostly on social issues, self-thoughts, ideas of imagination, and also on blossoms of Islam. For him, motivation is an art of realization through which dreams come true. “In most of the writings, I have shared my opinions on women empowerment, self-esteem, and almost all other social issues”.
He says, his parents and his family have encouraged him in his decisions at every step and they try to make him the best writer.
For Fazil, the goal of life is to spread the reality and awareness about the right and wrong aspects that people have to face in their daily lives. “My motive is to battle against the pessimistic events of life, and to own the blessings of mercy and purity,” he said. 
While speaking about his inspiration, Fazil says his greatest inspiration is his father and elder brother. “I am thankful of my dear father, Zahoor Ahmad Naik, who opened a way of consciousness and blessings for me through the philosophy of Dr Iqbal and some Eastern writers. I am trying to aware my inner self by their words and specialization which they penned in the paper works.”
“My brother and a friend, Shahid Amin Malik, who is author of Islamic Expedition - An independent Study (Then and Now), has also inspired me and aware me how to fight with problems of life,” he said.
Fazil has written mostly on social issues, self-thoughts, ideas of imagination, and also on blossoms of Islam. For him, motivation is an art of realization through which dreams come true. 
Back to Schools
Insha latief Khan
On March 2, the classrooms of Government Primary School Ganpatyar were decorated with colourful balloons and decorations.  This day was significant for the teachers, students and parents as schools have reopened almost after more than two years of gap. The schools were closed initially because of the August 05 lockdown and then followed by nationwide lockdown as COVID-19 pandemic raged all over the country.
Not only this school but most of the schools in the valley witnessed the same scenes to welcome the students.   
Muzaffar, a class 2nd student of Government Primary School Ganpatyar said, “I am feeling delighted, playing with my friends is what I have missed all these months. My brother and I were very much missing our friends. We only meet our friends in the school. It’s good to see our classrooms decorated with balloons and buntings.”
Mouazam Ayub a class 12th student of Nigeen Higher Secondary School said that the first day of school was great. “Meeting the old friends was fun. Coming to school has a whole new vibe. School is the place where we spent the best time of our life and it's a memorable part of our lives. It is the place where we make friends and after staying out of school for long, I want to appreciate the school life and want every moment to enjoy school,” he said.
Ibraheem Khan of class 9th from Delhi Public School Srinagar said, “Schools are the learning seat and due to the closure of schools, our studies have suffered a lot. I didn’t even recognize many of my classmates after a long time. Honestly, I was very excited to be on the school campus. We watched a movie as well. There were lots of fun activities arranged by our teachers. The first week is happiness week where we are given time to meet our friends after a long time, socialize with them and adjust ourselves back to the school routine.”
Sibtain Waseem Qazi of class 10th from Vasanta Girls High School said, “It is a good feeling to be in school. School not only educates us but it teaches us things like discipline and manners. The exercises and physical activities that were reduced while sitting at home will be taken up by us gradually. It is a new start to life. The online classes were not enough because, for most of the students, that would coincide with the private tuition timing. Attending morning assembly and saying prayers after such a long time evokes different feelings. I look forward to being focused on my studies.”
Masnoon, class 7th of Green Valley Educational Institute said, “I had already been missing my school a lot because schools are a fun place for students. I was very excited and very delighted to see all my friends after a long time. Our school teachers welcomed us. We did a lot of fun activities. We were taken to the auditorium and played various games. We sang with the teachers as well and felt energetic. We had become very lazy at home and now discipline and etiquette are back in our lives.”
Hammad Farzeen Mir, a class 12th student from Tyndale Biscoe School said, “Earlier I used to study in Green Valley Educational Institute. It’s my first year at Tyndale Biscoe School and I wanted to know what activities my new school has to offer, how the new teachers are, so I was eagerly waiting for the school to open. Our teachers welcomed us and we felt very joyful. We enjoyed it a lot. We introduced ourselves and got to know each other. We played games and did many activities. In the coming days, we will be told to gradually inculcate the school routine. Everyone feels that we have missed a major part of our life by staying away from school. Now it’s the last year of school and I am trying to make the most of it.”
Naseema, class 5th student from Government Primary School Ganpatyar said, “Teachers have welcomed us warmly. I missed my teachers very much. They are special for us because they make us a better person in life. I like offline classes most as we all study together and my teachers are in front of me.”
Nadia of class 10th, Vasanta Girls High School said, “It was a nice feeling. Last year, we had also come for some days but then soon schools were closed. I couldn’t meet many of my friends then. I missed my teachers too. The best part of school life is that we are together. Whatever we learn, it’s only because of school. Pandemic has disturbed our school life very much.”

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