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Famous Teachers

Post by on Monday, April 18, 2022

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Many teachers in the Valley are household names because of their contributions. They have been teaching students since years with dedication.

Rising Kashmir feature writer Saba Khan spoke to some of the teachers who have devoted their lives to the teaching profession and trained several students in their specific subjects.


Vinod Sir

Vinod sir is famous for his teaching in Literature, Communications skills counselling and motivational guidelines and is also known as a Life changer.

He is presently teaching at Candid Higher Secondary School Nowgam and tuition at B. K. Pora Sterling Coaching.

Besides this, he also teaches ICC Coaching at Rawalpora and also gives occasional guest lectures.

Vinod said that his teaching philosophy is very simple and straight and I thought we can't teach them unless we understand their emotions and their problems through their eyes”.

 Being asked about how he started his journey as a teacher “he said I started teaching from my home in 2003 up to 2008”.

“Then I started in 2009 when I was called by BCCI at Chadoora and appointed as an English teacher.”

“I taught more than 40000 thousand since my beginning in this profession,” Vinod said

His greatest success is teaching only this sentence “Just Never give up”.

Vinod sir believes that simply studentsneed to feel good and relaxed and they must enjoy the teaching-learning process

Vinod also said from his experience “I learned what can't be attained through the willing mind. Seize the moment that must be the mantra of life”

My strength is “Just believe in yourself. The entire world will be at your feet.”

The message I would like to give my students is “Do whatever you want to do in your life. But be sincere towards yourself. Since you can't get this beautiful life again. Lord will be very happy with you if ever remain sincere towards yourself” he further added

“I strongly believe unless students understand the value of life besides the academy, they will not understand their roles and liabilities.” he further said


Musaib bin Khurshid

Hailing from Srinagar,Musaib started teaching students in 2004 at his old house from one room and he named his coaching centre Zed Education

He is a famous ‘accountancy and Income Tax’ teacher and has taughtmany of students till of now. He claims most of the students are doing well in their respective fields.

 “I have taught more than 2 to 3 lakh students till this year. Some of them are chartered accountants, Bankers, Associate professors and many are others settled outside India” Musaib said

Musaib said that he enjoys the teaching students since he started it.

“I am glad that I have taught many students. Whenever I go anywhere, I always meet some of my students and they are always full of respect for me. What does a teacher need else?”

Recalling an incidentMusaibsaid that once he went to bank to finance his car,there he saw his students and they did not let him do any formality but did everything on their own on priority basis. “This feeling is literally that makes you proud,” said Musaib.

A friend of Musaib who was along with him, when saw this respect Musaib getting at apublic place, he felt good and told Musaib that teaching profession is literally a noble one.


Musaib has a message for the teachers especially to those who want to take this as their profession.  “If you want to teach, teach honestly and if you want to continue this profession take it as a choice not by force and you will enjoy your journey.”


Yousuf Lone Sir

Hailing from Yadipora, Hyderbeigh Pattan, in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district  has been running a coaching centre under the name of Proud Coaching Centre (PCC) since 2010.

The coaching centre is popularly known as PCC Hyderbeigh.

Lone started teaching students of senior secondary in December 2008. He also teaches English language classes up to PG at Sahara Coaching Centre Bemina Srinagar.

“I started the institution just to utilize my passion and to teach the students.” Moreover, he has adjusted many other teachers at PCC especially those who are jobless and want to contribute," he said.


Lone said, he has taught around 14000 students of higher classes till date including 10+2 and college students.


"All the students I taught in the same institution are presently doing different kinds of jobs in several fields like health, education, revenue, law and judiciary, banks, etc.”

Also, what gives Lone sir more satisfaction is that many of his ex-students are now teaching students at the same institution where they have studied. 


“This is really a proud moment for me when I see my students’ teaching other students with dedication," he said.


Lone says he is  thankful to Almighty Allah for giving him success in his good plans and intentions.

"Our local and district administration also cooperated and encouraged me in adjusting unemployed youth and by giving us a chance to utilize our talents too.


Khaliq Sir                                    

Hailing from the Srinagar area of Allochi Bagh,students knew him by the name of Khaliq sir since 1982.He started teaching even when he was himself a student.

He has studied at Khalsa High school then Amar Singh college and has done M.Sc. in Mathematics atAligarh Muslim University.

Khaliq said that he had taught thousands of students and most of them are engineers and working in various departments as officers.

Talking about his journey “I started my teaching career from Hr. Sec. Institute DarhalMalkan Rajouri Jammu and Worked as principal in many HS institutes of Kashmir and retired as Chief Education Officer Pulwama.”

 I had my coaching centre at ParrayPora in Srinagar named KS school of Mathematics. 

 “He said that he never charged any fee to poor students coming from far-flung areas of the state.”

“Mostly I motivate the students by making them understand the importance of Mathematics in our day-to-day life and contribution of Mathematicians in the world and also counsel them about the bright future if you opt mathematics as the main subject.”

The message he gave to the students was that “Students must do self-reading and must go through textbooks.”

 According to Khaliq sir, “Every student has hidden talent they should be given chance to express and I never stopped any student from asking questions and tstudents should not rely on notes only he further added.

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