False speech
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False speech

Post by RK News on Friday, February 17, 2023

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False speech or lying is a disease which is acquired but not inherited. A person may acquire this disease because of many internal and external factors. Lying is one of the major sins in Islam. Allah (SWT) gave us examples of the early people in the history of mankind.  Some of the early nations lied about their Prophets and did not want to believe in their messages. Almost all of those nations were punished accordingly. It seems that a person who lies does not recognize that Allah (SWT) sees and hears. He does not realize that Allah (SWT) records the statements of his lying and his intention.  It appears to the same person as if he will go scot free in this world and in the hereafter.  It also seems to those who lie on daily basis that, as if people are naive and simple minded. Many times, a liar tries to cover his lies with other lies. Fortunately, people are smart enough to recognize that he is lying and that he is trying to cover his lies by committing more mistake, lies and sins. For this reason, many times a liar is caught while cross examination.  Furthermore, people lie and they say it is a ‘white lie’. They think that a white lie is accepted in the society. We should understand that there is no white lie and there is no black lie.  A lie is considered to be a lie and a person is to be punished for it. A person has no right to lie to convince people. No one is supposed to lie in his life span as there are no mental, physical or biological needs for it at all. A person who lies is likely to experience feelings of guilt, uneasiness, and insecurity. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was asked about the possibility of a Muslim lying. He negated it completely. We should watch ourselves and especially our tongues.  We must speak truth even if it goes against our personal ego and satisfaction. We should not make telling lies a habit instead we must imbibe honesty and truthfulness in our lives. The best way to refrain from lying is to be honest with ourselves about our underlying intentions. Lying is a dangerous habit, and we should not engage in any kind of deception, as it may come back to haunt us.

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