Exploring the works of Franz Kafka
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Exploring the works of Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is one of the writers whose literary works can refresh a trace of literary reading left in us

Post by RK News on Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Reading literature is eternal. It scratches our soul. Literature from fiction to non-fiction is history in disguise. To delve into the words of an author of magical literature is a treat to the mind and soul. It takes us to a different world. Literature is a blend of Paracosm and macrocosm. But one thing connects the thread, realism. Literature is realistic. You call it fiction; I call it the legitimacy of facts. 

Franz Kafka has been one of the best literary figures in the history of literature. Franz Kafka is widely regarded as one of the key figures of 20th-century literature. Kafka lived at the threshold of the modern technological world. His works combine elements of realism and fantasy. Kafka is quite deadpan and a subtle humorist.

Kafka is a master of the fragmentary. His shortest stories, parables, and aphorisms resonate as deeply as his novels. He has explored the themes of alienationexistential anxietyguilt, and absurdity. His best-known works include The Metamorphosis, The Trial, and The Castle. These can be read in the context of Kafka’s personal experiences, as statements about the relationship between the individual and society, as existential pronouncements, or even as transcendental speculations. “A Hunger Artist” is his best short story. The structure of the story is perfect.


The other outstanding works of kafka include Penal Colony, An Old Manuscript, A Visit to a Mine and the Jackals. Franz Kafka takes the reader to the skies and the stars. It takes the mind to love to mystery through fantasy and the highest level of imagination. Word by word, thread by thread, the reader connects the whole narratives of his literature. That is the beauty of his literature. He takes you to an unimaginable ambience of mysteries.


Franz Kafka’s literary quotes are philosophical. Kafka calls spade a spade, no-nonsense literature is his hallmark.  

“I am a cage, in search of a bird.” 

“Love is, that you are the knife which I plunge into myself.”

“He is terribly afraid of dying because he hasn’t yet lived.” 


His Quotes take us to deep roots of romanticism, philosophy love and conflict. That is the splendour of the author. You feel yourself in between the lines. The reader sees the world through the prism of his literature. Franz Kafka is one of the writers whose literary works can refresh a trace of literary reading left in us.


(The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on diverse issues. He can be reached at ummushaanu@gmail.com

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