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Exploring options

Post by on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

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The field of medicine is expanding fast, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic that has forced countries to spend more on medical research. The diseases which at one point in time looked incurable are easily treated today. The system of medical practice that is prevalent today treats the diseases by using remedies which produce effects that are different from the disease. It evolved continuously from last two centuries thereby helping the people in getting rid of so many diseases. However, the prolonged use of the medicines has shown adverse effect on the body. Before that a conventional system was in place. The conventional system emphasized preventive and healing therapies along with various methods of purification and rejuvenation. It helped to achieve longevity. It also guided every individual in the prevention of disease and long term maintenance of health. In the last few years, the UT has shown a marked increase in ailments, more particularity psychological. In recent times the trend of opting for conventional methods of treatment has started gaining currency. There are number of centers across India where a number of aliments are successfully treated using this conventional system. In Kashmir, the initiative was also taken by Ayurvedic hospital. Experts believe that such steps can go a long way in curing the diseases; it can give a substitute to the people who are suffering from various ailments and aren’t getting rid of the diseases. Besides, there are number of benefits which can be had if this system works well. Given the geographical location the valley can be projected as the medical health spot which can help us in raising an industry based in medical tourism. Presently, Kerala is the only place where the patients all over India come to benefits from this medical technique. Furthermore, the sector has the huge capacity of employment generation. So if this sector is properly managed and the government offers genuine help it has great prospect for the Jammu and Kashmir. If an alternative health sector based on conventional methods can grow it will benefit Kashmir in multiple ways. Furthermore, the valley is known to provide ideal soil for various herbs and medicinal plants. The true potential of this small industry also remains untapped. General lack of awareness about alternative medicine has not allowed it to flourish in the union territory. As staying healthy becomes priority, we should explore all options and alternatives.



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