Exploring Nature’s Bounties:The Captivating Charm of Kongwattan and Badibehk Meadows
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Exploring Nature’s Bounties:The Captivating Charm of Kongwattan and Badibehk Meadows

Post by Younus Rashid on Sunday, October 8, 2023

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Nature has bestowed district Kulgam with lush green meadows, alpine lakes, and several serene spots that bring tranquillity to the nature enthusiasts and solace seeking souls. Among these captivating meadows, such as Chiranbal and Pachanpathri, places like Kongwattan and Badibekh offer a captivating allure for those who cherish exploring nature's bounties. 
Kongwattan Meadows: Nestled within the Pir Panjal Range, Kongwattan Meadows invites both experienced trekkers and nature enthusiasts to its lush green embrace. Situated at an elevation of 2530 meters, it serves as a gateway to the famous Kausarnag Lake.
As the starting point for the Aharbal-Kausarnag Lake trek, Kongwattan Meadows offer a stunning introduction to an unforgettable adventure. The journey begins at the famous Aharbal waterfall also known as “Nigeria Falls of Kashmir”, a true marvel of nature, located at one end of Kulgam district.
This serene haven provides a sanctuary for trekkers among the alpine trees. The terrain is gently rolling, extending a warm welcome to both newcomers and seasoned hikers, encouraging a deeper connection with nature. For beginners, Kongwattan offers a friendly initiation to the world of trekking, a place to explore and discover.
The meadow spreads out like a painter's canvas, adorned with a vibrant array of wildflowers. The mountain breeze carries with it the gentle melodies of nearby streams, as Kausar Nallah, the lifeblood of the Vishav River that flows through the centre of Kulgam district, adding a soothing rhythm to the scene.
With the popular Aharbal resort just seven kilometers away, accessibility is assured, while the secluded allure of this haven remains untouched. The journey to the District Headquarters at Kulgam, spanning 35 kilometers, unveils a panorama of nature's bounty, every step resonating with the whispers of centuries past.
Beyond the awe-inspiring views, Kongwattan Meadows offer a sanctuary for reflection and renewal. Here, time appears to slow, interrupted only by the tender caress of the breeze and the harmonious symphony of birdsong. It is an environment that encourages self-discovery, a place where the soul finds peace.
For trekkers seeking a deeper communion with nature, Kongwattan unveils a sacred space. The Pir Panjal Range stands as a sentinel, bearing witness to eons of natural beauty in this unexplored corner of nature .
Badibehk Meadows: In the borders of Kulgam, one can discover the captivating Badibehk Meadows, a trio of picturesque wonders: PoshPathri, SheepPathri, and YariPathri. These meadows hold a special charm that enchants every visitor.
A clear stream, born from the icy mountains, flows gracefully alongside, adding to the meadows' natural beauty. In the southeast corner, the grand peak of SunderTop connects the Anantnag and Ramban districts.
The eastward Khaidalav Gali pass leads to Waltangnard and Kund, while SoiNar and WaetNar guide you to the lovely Mohu Valley in Ramban, creating a scenic network of connections along the southern edge.
For those travelling by car, here's how the journey unfolds: From Srinagar, it's a pleasant drive of 78 kilometers via NH44, or 64 kilometers via NH444, to reach Kulgam. Another 12 kilometers along the Aadijan Diversion takes you to Damhal Hanjipora. Finally, a final stretch of 21 kilometers brings you to the charming Walinar Gulzarabad.
For those seeking a more intimate experience with nature, there's a trail you can walk. From Walinar, a 2.5-kilometer path leads to Badi Behk, eventually opening onto the breathtaking WaetNar top, a journey that spans a total of 7 kilometers.
Coordinates for the distinct meadows are as follows: PoshPathri at 33°31'03"N, 75°03'21"E; SheepPathri at 33°30'41"N, 75°03'51"E; and Yaripather at 33°30'09"N, 75°04'23"E. These geographical gems are situated between 2650 to 3000 meters above sea level, offering a perfect balance of elevation and accessibility.
The terrain is gentle, making it an ideal destination for explorers of all levels. Badibehk Meadows welcome not only seasoned adventurers but also those new to the wonders of trekking.

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