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Exploring alternatives
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Exploring alternatives

Post by on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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Recognizing the timely importance of food, energy and livelihood requirements is the hallmark of any developed democratic society. Over the years, J&K government has been working on a comprehensive plan regarding the optimum availability and usage of the natural resources by incorporating climate change into the UT’s future policy initiatives. Many experts are of the opinion that J&K needs renewable energy technologies that will ensure sustainable use of natural resources, keeping in consideration the key environmental challenges that J&K is facing due to environmental degradation. It is a fact that renewable energy resources are inherently clean in that they cause no burden on the environment in terms of waste emissions, resource extraction, or other environmental disruptions. Nevertheless, the use of renewable energy resources almost certainly can provide a cleaner and more sustainable energy system than increased controls on conventional energy systems. The fragile ecosystem of the UT, which over the years has borne the pangs of callous attitude both from the administrators and the administered, needs a serious look in that matter . In the past there has been wanton loot of UT’s forest reserve, its water resources have suffered and even disappeared; and so has the overall ecological balance which is in a tizzy. Alternatives need to explored, introduced, popularized and incentivized. Some sources, such as solar power have for long been considered an effective alternative to electricity but so far it has not achieved that status in J&K where it could become a preferred source of energy for Kashmiri households. Nor have the equipments like heaters, cookers etc. been the kind that could lure a common person to buy and use them. More engineering and affordability will go a long way in making their domestic use popular. Government and the concerned authorities need to commission projects towards this goal. Hydro electric power is another option governments are looking at considering its profitable and renewable nature. In the past some projects were commissioned with NHPC and other agencies in that regard. Wind energy can also be utilized as an alternative; the tapping of wind energy can bring power to many forlorn villages. Although, climate Change and global warming are global issues, the government could play a useful role in promoting renewable energy technologies by initiating surveys and studies to establish their potential in both urban and rural areas. J&K has an added burden due to its fragile ecosystem and thus an added responsibility.


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