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Explore Rural Tourism

Post by on Monday, April 11, 2022

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With mercury rising throughout India, Kashmir Vale has been honored with a fresh surge of guests arriving for summer retreat. As per government sources, an estimated 80 lac tourists had visited Kashmir in the last few months. Almost all the hotels and lodges are running on full capacity and flight operations have been increased manifold by the administration. There are innumerable accounts of the influence that Kashmir Valley has had on non natives for centuries now. So much has been said about the immaculate beauty of Kashmir that it has become the first and foremost attribute of the land and its people. Nature’s gifts galore, the UT and its people benefit from them in a number of ways. For example the potential of becoming a premier tourism centre owing to the presence of many beautiful valleys spread across the UT has never been doubted. Tourism industry for decades has thrived on the rich resources that the UT has been gifted by nature. Efforts by successive governments to make the Kashmir valley traveler’s first choice in the north Indian circuit have not been on expected lines. Nevertheless, the inherent value to attract and fascinate people has not much diminished. While the city, Srinagar, has been the centre of attraction, we must also lift our eyes to see the beautiful countryside which shares an equal reputation. Hundreds of picturesque hamlets, lush fields, low hills, marshes and moors unfold the colorful countryside in the UT. Had there been enough efforts from previous governments or by the people to develop countryside in the valley, things would have been pretty different and much promising for the tourism sector in J&K. Many experts are of the opinion that in order to bolster tourism sector, government should devise a comprehensive plan to beautify the countryside that can help in expansion of the tourism industry. For a long time now the tourism circuit in the UT has been confined to few known places. Even the designated places have been losing interest due to haphazard developments at these places and gross neglect of development authorities. Apparently, the rural tourism circuit is doable and it can add to the arsenal of tourism industry. However, if the government goes with half-hearted tries like those observed in the case of promoting and establishing eco-tourism, it would be better not to start at all. The roads connecting scores of villages in the countryside have much improved over the years. As a matter of fact, the countryside has better roads than the two cities. Development of public parks and facilities may help in the rural areas, but before that all aspects like fragile ecology, livelihood of the people, funds required and return on the investments must be carefully studied. For local population, rural tour circuits can be a boon.  

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