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Equitable Development

Post by on Thursday, February 10, 2022

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Equitable development is central to the overall development of any country. Since majority of our people come from villages, development in these areas can improve things significantly. If it remains confined to only cities, then the concept of equitable development is not only incomplete, but essentially exploitative. In order to bolster rural development, it needs deep introspection and scrutiny from all the developmental agencies. Improving the rural living standard, by getting rid off ignorance, disease and inequality of opportunities is very crucial to the development of our UT. Not only economic uplift, there is a dire need to eliminate social inequality as well. This can be achieved by developing all the sections of the society on equal parameters.  However, things on ground stand differently. Unfortunately they present a very grim picture. The larger picture shows that the overall aim of development has not been achieved yet because our rural population is facing same problems and difficulties as they were facing decades ago. In many of the villages there is still no road connectivity, no clean and safe drinking water and other basic amenities including health and sanitation are missing. From time to time government is taking measures to improve the life of the rural people by introducing many schemes aimed at their upliftment, but unfortunately it has been seen in the past, that there is complete lack of communication between people and the concerned authorities. Many times people aren’t informed properly about the various schemes which the government has started for the welfare and betterment of the rural population. What are reasons for this break of communication between the two ends? Why the people are not informed at the right time. There are a number of ways through which we can get over this barrier; first try to approach the people in whatever way the government can, organize programmes wherein people can participate and then disseminate the information about the various proposals and schemes that the Government intends to start for the common good of the rural people. Many experts suggest that it has become inevitable to strike a rapport with rural population and take them into confidence so that they don’t hesitate in approaching the concerned authorities. Unless right information reaches out to people, all the schemes announced by government hardly show any results. Government needs to accelerate rural development of the UT more particularly in the valley. Given the level of existing infrastructure available in rural areas, there are host of areas that need the push for bringing the rural development within acceptable levels.






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