Ensure proactive measures to sustain peace, stability: IGP Kashmir
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Ensure proactive measures to sustain peace, stability: IGP Kashmir

Chairs security review meeting in Anantnag

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Friday, November 24, 2023

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Srinagar, Nov 23: Emphasising the need for proactive measures for ensuring peace and stability in the region, the Inspector General of Police Kashmir Zone V. K. Birdi on Thursday directed the officers to focus on efforts for the prevalence of a peaceful and stable environment.
IGP was speaking during a comprehensive security review meeting that he chaired in Anantnag, focusing on strategies and measures aimed at preserving peace and order in the district.
The high-profile meeting brought together key officers and officials responsible for law enforcement and security in the region.
During the deliberations, the IGP Birdi placed a significant emphasis on the need for proactive measures to maintain a peaceful and stable environment.
Recognizing the dynamic nature of security challenges, the discussions revolved around formulating effective strategies to address potential threats and uphold the overall safety of the district.
One of the focal points of the meeting was the pivotal role of community engagement in crime prevention. He stressed the importance of fostering strong ties between law enforcement agencies and the local community.
IGP encouraged active participation and collaboration, the aim is to create a collective effort in safeguarding residents and preventing criminal activities.
He also emphasized the importance of community engagement in preventing crime and ensuring the safety of the residents.
The IGP's visit to Anantnag served a dual purpose. Firstly, it was conducted to assess the prevailing security situation in the district, taking into account any emerging challenges or trends. Secondly, it aimed to ensure that the necessary measures are in place to address these challenges effectively, he added.
“The discussions encompassed a range of security-related topics, including intelligence gathering, surveillance, and the deployment of resources in strategic locations. The IGP highlighted the significance of a well-coordinated and proactive approach in maintaining law and order,” he said.
In discussions about investigations, the IGP urged prompt resolution of pending cases. Emphasizing Police-Public relations, IGP encouraged a Public-centric approach, advocating service-oriented Policing to build trust and bridge the gap between the Police and the Public.
The meeting was attended by DIG SKR Anantnag Rayees Mohammad Bhat, SSP Anantnag Dr. G.V. Sundeep Chakravarthy SP Ops Anantnag Furqan Qadir and other Officers were present.

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