Engineers hail LG Manoj Sinha's visionary leadership for historic regularisation
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Engineers hail LG Manoj Sinha's visionary leadership for historic regularisation

Post by Farzana Syed on Monday, October 9, 2023

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In a historic move, the Jal Shakti Department has issued regularisation orders for over 800 engineers, marking a significant milestone in proactive cadre management and addressing long-standing issues within the department. This step, initiated by the LG administration under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, has brought relief and joy to engineers who have worked on an adhoc basis for decades, facing unresolved demands and lingering problems.
Speaking to Rising Kashmir, the engineers who have now been regularized expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the administration for taking action on their long-pending issues. They attribute this commendable achievement to the visionary leadership of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.
Er Shakeel Rehman, now regularised as an Executive Engineer after over a decade of adhoc service, commented on the difficulties they faced: "There were seniority issues and court cases pending for years, compounding our problems. Our Human Resource Management cell had been tirelessly advocating for this for several years, but it's in the past two years that things have finally started to streamline. The present government has played a major role in addressing our issues, rectifying the callous and unfair approach that engineers had endured."
The engineers praised the UT administration for streamlining the process and ensuring that engineers are now in roles that match their grades. They expressed immense gratitude to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, Chief Secretary, and Shaleen Kabra, Additional Chief Secretary of the Jal Shakti Department, for their selfless efforts.
Anbreen Anjum, another regularised Executive Engineer, shared her perspective: "I had been awaiting my promotion for over a decade. After 12 long years, I have finally been regularised as an Executive Engineer. We are ecstatic and deeply thankful to the LG administration for this decision. It used to take engineers up to 20 years to reach their deserved grade, often nearing retirement by then."
Er Nasir Amin, President of JKCEGA, expressed his gratitude for this historic decision, calling it a herculean task that the government has successfully tackled. He emphasised the paperwork, data collection, budgeting, and financial challenges involved in the process.
General Secretary of J&KCEGA, Er Mudassir M Untoo, echoed the sentiment of relief and thanked the administration, including the Chief Secretary, for resolving this long-pending issue.
" It is a matter of huge relief to all of us . We are grateful to the administration and the Chief  Secretary for resolving this long pending issue," he said.

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