Engineering grad starts ‘Novo Cabs’ to fetch people from doorsteps
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Engineering grad starts ‘Novo Cabs’ to fetch people from doorsteps

Post by on Friday, August 13, 2021

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Abdul Majid Zargar, an engineering graduate, started his own cab service “Novo Cabs” in Kashmir to bring the vehicles to door steps of people.
Zargar, a computer science graduate from IUST is a part of the design and development community. Right now he is working as a senior UX designer with an Ahmedabad based organisation Hubilo -- which is a remote virtual event management company.
Majid wanted to kick start his venture in 2019 but due to abrogation of Article 370 he could not go ahead with his proposal so he went back to Delhi.
When things got back to normal in Kashmir, Majid returned and started Jugnoo cabs.
"I introduced Jugnoo Cabs in Kashmir in September 2020, but due to certain business clashes and related things in the business, I moved away."
After Jugnoo, Majid started his own cab service and called it “Novo Cabs.”
"It was officially launched on 1st Jan 2021."
Majid says he plunged into this line as he finds it the most challenging field.
"We jumped into essential services first then the other things like tying up with restaurants to deliver food."
The business module of Novo Cabs is based on renting out vehicles.
"We don't have our own fleet. We ask people to rent their vehicles to us. Someone who has his car can work with us on a commission basis. So they pay us a certain amount of commission and we get them the daily rides."
According to Majid, the commission is very minimal and is affordable for them.
Currently there are 100 cabs attached to Novo Cabs and they are planning to expand it to other sectors.
The Novo Cabs operate through an app so that the exact location of a person is traced and the cab can reach the customer’s doorstep.
While talking about the drivers, Majid says that most of them get the hold of the app eventually and there are still 30 percent drivers who are not much tech savvy but they are able to manage well as the process is simple.
Majid believes that in future he will enter the different domains of this sector for example ride sharing etc.
"If a person has his own car he or she can tie with us as ride sharers."
Employing seven people right now, Majid remarks that people are happy with this initiative.
"They don't have to bargain with the fare and the service comes at their doorstep. At times people get furious in case of a glitch or overcharging. However, we ensure that everything is explained to them properly so that they won’t feel cheated."

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