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Empowerment at the cost of Suppression
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Empowerment at the cost of Suppression

Mulan has desperately tried to camouflage the controversies around with the theme of empowerment. Afantasizedembargo where Muslim women has no place

Post by on Sunday, July 4, 2021

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Presented in the historical setting, Mulan a film produced by Walt Disney Pictures visually narrates the rise of a girl as a warrior in the conservative and proud Chinese civilization. Filmed in the Xinjiang province where millions of Uighur Muslims are held in detention which China calls re-education camps or de-radicalization camps to fight its imaginary war on terror which ended with the genocide of Muslims in China. Mulan trifles about a girl who becomes a warrior to save his disabled father to join the staggering wars against enemies who are plundering the Chinese civilization and pride.
Mulan is a tale of a powerful woman who disguises herself as a male warrior due to the sacred laws drafted by the Chinese Royal Army, which she believes will restore the glory of kingdom from continuous plunders by the enemy and then finally ending up as the Commander of the Royal Army in the victorious conclusion.
Improvised themes of Women empowerment have been followed by the movie to attract the general focus of the audience but this empowerment has been sectionized to Chinese women only and rest of its Uighur population has been kept aside for having a general lookup of the movie especially women from the Chinese Muslim community. The film drew a lot of criticism when it was being shot in Xinjiang, a region where China has held 10 million Muslims in concentration camps. 
Chinese pre-historic fictional movies have always presented themselves as proud, understanding and humane but Mulan in its aesthetic sense is more disastrous and has camouflaged that Chinese idea of empowerment is not inclusive for certain section of the society. 
Mulan is more like a one sided narrative where suppression and genocide is shadowed by their deceptive gowns of hope and empowerment.
(Author is a Freelance Journalist pursuing his Masters in MERC, Kashmir University)

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