Employment to all tops govtagenda : CS 
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Employment to all tops govtagenda : CS 

Post by RK News on Friday, August 18, 2023

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In a pivotal meeting convened to assess the progress of Employment Generation Schemes, Dr.Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary, reaffirmed the administration's commitment to ensuring basic amenities for all residents and underscored the next key objective of the administration is to extend employment opportunities to all the  job seekers.
The meeting, attended by officials including the Commissioner Secretary of Labour and Employment, Principal Secretaries of Agriculture and Industries and Commerce, and several other departmental heads, assessed the effective implementation of Employment Generation Schemes in collaboration with financial institutions within the UT.
Dr. Mehta underscored the remarkable strides made in extending essential services such as roads, clean water, electricity, healthcare, and education to a significant proportion of the population. He affirmed that the new objective is to ensure access to gainful employment for those aspiring to secure such opportunities.
Reiterating the commitment to empowering women and youth, the commitments made by the Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, Dr. Mehta stressed the necessity for each concerned department to integrate these objectives into their operational goals. He urged the creation of a comprehensive database, akin to the 'India Stack,' to cater to the needs of women and youth effectively.
The Chief Secretary highlighted the importance of accurate population data for formulating precise strategies. He called for an in-depth analysis of the disparities between demand and scheme targets, urging remedial actions to bridge these gaps. Dr Mehta emphasized that the desires of individuals seeking various forms of employment should be met in alignment with their aspirations.
Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary urged the respective departments to realign their objectives to fulfill demands within their sectors comprehensively. He advocated for the formulation of employment plans at the Panchayat level, tailored to the preferences and capabilities of local youth.
During the meeting, RehanaBatul, the Commissioner Secretary of Labour and Employment, shared notable achievements.  “This fiscal year witnessed the establishment of 19,733 units through various Self-Employment Schemes, resulting in over 95,000 individuals gaining employment. Additionally, 36 job fairs held across different locations provided 614 individuals with job opportunities,” Batul said.
The Labour and Employment Department revealed that 251,336 educated youth, including 85,540 women, have registered for counselling and assistance in securing employment. As of July, a substantial 15,807 counselling sessions were conducted, benefitting 44,433 individuals, along with 180 awareness camps attended by 13,809 candidates.
The meeting also highlighted the elevation of 17 District Employment and Counselling Centres to model career centres under the National Career Service project. These centres aim to seamlessly connect job seekers with available opportunities while providing essential counselling and related services to unemployed youth across the UT.

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