Embracing an Era of Nari Shakti
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Embracing an Era of Nari Shakti

Let's embrace this brighter era of thriving Nari Shakti leadership for building the Developed Bharat

Post by ARJUN RAM MEGHWAL on Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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In a democratic setup, the consensual decision carries a special significance for any remarkable change. It reflects the collective spirit for the transformational journey in a wholesome manner. Recently Bharat has witnessed such historic decisions having global resonance, one is the building consensus on the Delhi Declaration as part of the ongoing G-20 Presidency and another is the passing of Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam. Yet again, the jewel added to the crown of the Proud Mother of Democracy when the global geopolitical landscape facing the multi-pronged turmoil. 

The very first legislative agenda of the New Parliament Building has set the tone that women-led development is the way forward for the nation. The long struggle of women has seen the light of the day as the Modi Government has shown zeal to turn this Sanklap into Siddhi.

Often said, Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication, and the same is visible in the 27 year journey to extend their due share in representative democracy. In a very simplistic manner, the existing minimal share of Naari Shakti, which constitutes the half population was a lacuna against the natural law. The compulsive nature of social dynamics had made her mere decision adherer rather than the decision maker to some extent. Amid these challenges, numerous exceptions are there to counter this view, women have broken the glass ceiling and have made the nation proud in every sphere. Now the Modi Government has respectfully prioritised this moral choice and showcased a strong will to correct this historical lacuna by recognising women’s role as top decision-makers.  The Gender Justice proposed by the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyum in the legislative domain will bring true impetus and balanced policy formulation in its entirety.

It is ironic to learn that the USA took 144 years to give equal voting rights to women after its independence. It was a century of persuasion, decades of protest & one world war to facilitate women's suffrage in the United Kingdom. Our forefather was visionary and ensured Women's Voting rights immediately after independence.  Now after the 75th year of independence, marking the era of Amrit Kaal, the Bharat has taken a forward leap from right of vote to extending the right of representation for women in Parliament & legislative assemblies.

During the historic 25th November 1949 speech Dr Ambedkar categorically asked, How long shall we continue to live this life of contradictions?  He cautioned about social & economic inequalities. Over the last 9 years, the pro-poor & people-centric moves are resolving those contradictions. It is testimony to this fact that more than 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty.  The historic Nari Shakti Vandan Bill is another step to realise the spirit of one person, one vote & one value. 


Looking from another perspective, Indian philosophical values depict that the perfect balance of feminine & masculine traits leads to a state of self-actualisation by bringing internal peace, harmony and individual fulfilment. In the physical world, the same analogy has the potential towards strengthening the social fabric and achieving the remaining lot for building planet Earth.  It is up to us to utilise the natural potential of feminine fraternity for the collective fulfilment and welfare of humanity. Women’s Innate qualities of perseverance, creativity, sacrifice, dedication, resilience, and trust make the best ingredient for a leadership role without even taking leadership course certification from Top management schools & universities.  Just letting them have the rightful space will do an enormous capacity-building of the ecosystem and be a perfect model for others to emulate.  

The constitutional 128th Amendment act is not a political step for the Modi Government, but it is an article of faith. In July 2003, The BJP passed a resolution for the reservation of women in parliament & state legislature at the National Executive Committee meeting at Raipur. Later, the Party executed this endeavour at the organisation level, and included it in the manifesto. Now it has become an instrument of change for the entire nation. Calling a special session of parliament and onboarding all political parties for a consensus-based decision was a herculean task, which the government has done meticulously manner considering the sanctity of the cause. For a few parties, who had opposed this noble cause earlier, their nod for the bill is not by choice but their political compulsion. The old parliament building witnessed the constitution-making exercise and transfer of power from the Britishers, this new temple of democracy has marked the further progressive sharing of that power under the umbrella of our living constitution for maximising democracy. 

The recently concluded G-20 presidency has proved that Bharat means a lot for amicably resolving global challenges.  India is on the verge of becoming the 3rd largest economy in the world and parallelly the nation will surpass the global average (26.7%) of the percentage of women in national parliament from 15 % to making it 33 % taking it far ahead with many developed nations of the world. The multiplicity of such profound measures will re-orient the nation’s outlook of becoming a women-led 21st-century leader.  

For the implementation of provisions of this Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyum, the prerequisite constitutional obligation under Article 82 mandates, the prior census and delimitation exercise to identify the women-led constituencies. The determined Modi government is committed to implementing it in constitutional spirit accordingly. However, the pulse of change is being felt across the nation. The much-needed change in the form of a shift from a patriarchal mindset has gained currency. Let's embrace this brighter era of thriving Nari Shakti leadership for building the Developed Bharat. 


(The Author is Union Minister of State (I/C) for Law & Justice, Minister of State for Culture & Parliamentary Affairs, and Lok Sabha MP from Bikaner)




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