Electric rickshaw showroom faces backlash from operators for poor service
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Electric rickshaw showroom faces backlash from operators for poor service

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Saturday, September 2, 2023

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Srinagar, Sept 01: Scores of e-rickshaw drivers from Srinagar city on Friday accused the showroom in Sonawar of providing poor service and claimed that their e-rickshaws have become non-functional due to the service provider's negligence.
A group of e-rickshaw drivers expressed their anguish, stating that their e-rickshaws have been out of service due to technical glitches, and the showroom has shown little concern for their grievances.
A driver from the downtown area, who requested not to be named, revealed that his e-rickshaw has a minor charging issue, and it has been two months without any resolution from the showroom. Consequently, he has been unable to generate any income during this period. He is now burdened with paying the EMI out of his own pocket, which is a financial strain considering the responsibilities he has to shoulder for his family.
Meanwhile, Fazeel Farooq, dealer in Sonawar, refuted the allegations made by the e-rickshaw drivers. He expressed confusion regarding their motives and mentioned that they offer compensation of 500 rupees per day to drivers whose e-rickshaws are temporarily off the road. He dismissed the claims as an attempt to tarnish his business's reputation and clarified that there were no pending e-rickshaws at his showroom.
Another e-rickshaw driver informed Rising Kashmir that his auto has been facing a different issue for several weeks, and the concerned showroom has shown no interest in addressing it. He further noted that the showroom has stopped responding to their phone calls. These drivers have now sought assistance from the authorities. 

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