Efforts should be made for the development of Srinagar as the heritage city besides making it a smart city
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Efforts should be made for the development of Srinagar as the heritage city besides making it a smart city

Post by RK News on Monday, January 30, 2023

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Preserving historical legacy and heritage sites is very important to the community and should be constantly replicated and passed down from generation to generation. The present government is doing a wonderful job by preserving many historical monuments and heritage sites in the valley. While safeguarding our rich historical legacy, the government should take interest in those projects which not only are related with our past but have potential to be economic centres in present times. However, the aim shouldn’t be financial only, but to improve the state of preservation substantially, to ensure the long term consolidation of these sites, to increase the capacity in the conservation of cultural heritage, and to create a basis for the inception of cultural tourism.  In order to make Srinagar a heritage cum smart city, government must take a resolve to preserve its heritage and historical monuments, it is important that it shouldn’t be confined itself to a few projects only. The government at the first hand should prepare a list of these sites, which need to be preserved as there are many sites which are encroached by people. However the development shouldn’t come at the cost of environment or by destroying those monuments which are archival. In the past, we have already seen how in the name of development Nallah Mar was blocked. How in the name of ‘cleaning’ and ‘preservation’ Dal and wular is on the verge of extinction. How in the name of developing the city suburbs, the rice and fertile agricultural land was destroyed.  If we have to preserve our heritage and culture something innovative must be done. Any development project should be in complete balance with the climate and ecology of a given area. Vandalization and preservation can’t go together. If we have to preserve our past, we must stop vandalising the present. It is never too late to mend. The government and the concerned authorities along with the civil society can help in the shaping up of Srinagar city, if they want.  They can review the work already done, set priorities, try to secure funding and set the agenda. The conservation of historical sites can help in attaining sustainable development. Being the responsible citizens of this society we all share the common responsibility to preserve our environment and historical diversity.

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