Effective parenting
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Effective parenting

Post by RK News on Monday, May 8, 2023

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The role of parents in a family system is very crucial as they play a pivotal role in child development. Parents must fulfil their obligations towards their children. If there are shortcomings in upbringing of our children, the family as a unit fails and the nation state is bound to suffer. Parents must keep watch over their wards. If they display costly gifts, parents must ask how they got it. Similarly, if they walk in with expensive cell phones, explanations must be sought.  Parents must pay occasional visits to educational institutions and inquire about the conduct of their children. Unauthorised absence from class or tuition centres must be taken note of. It needs to be made clear that upbringing plays a vital role in character-building.  If children are left on their own, they will do what no parent would approve of. Freedom is good, but unlimited freedom is an evil. In the name of modernity, parents cannot, rather should not forget their responsibilities. Nobody can succeed in polluting the minds of children unless parents wittingly or unwittingly allow it. So-called modern parents show least concern about their children and leave everything to the teachers. This is a serious issue and needs introspection. Over the years, valley is witnessing rise in moral degradation among our youth. Many social ills like drug addiction, alcoholism and promiscuity are increasing with each passing day. This should not happen in a Muslim society.  All have to wake up to fight the menace. The job cannot be entrusted only to the clergy or the teachers. Every person has to play his part and parents have a big role to play. Modern technology, experts believe has caused what they term as `pre-mature maturity’. Technology has to be used in a proper way and once again the parents have an important role to play. Many sociologists are of the opinion that there is a dire need to revive moral education, which has been missing in our curriculum. Timely intervention at the parental level can help to keep a check at the negative behavioural changes among the youth. As parents we need to be watchful about any delinquent behaviour in our children. Sometimes our materialistic tendencies have a negative effect on the upbringing of our kids. We don’t bother to inculcate civic and moral values in them. Over a period of time such children, when left unattended, tend to develop violent behaviour when they don’t get what they desire. The parents, the society, the teachers and the clergy have to wake up and join hands together in order to save our future generation from getting astray.

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