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Dying Glance

Post by on Friday, December 10, 2021

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Amidst crowd the resonant shrieks

Of trauma and a fatal pain

I shoved a masses throng

Behold a flat arm-stretched flash

Kind-pity choke my throat

Tears to issue swell my lids

Mothers creaming scratching breast

Sanguine to see thriving flower rest

Sprouting seductive scent as fog

Shedding pearl tear sand wipe

Computing the woes of wounded youth

Murmur like muttered with muted voice

Ah son! Ah my sunny sun!

Here flowers are early withered

Sheen petals are tread in clear gleam

Here hopes remain buried in hearts

Aspirations reckoning death-breaths

Here blood wraps the growing groom

And martyr then bleached shroud

Here merely coffin bearer exist

For eternal slumber there they rest

Ah son! Ah my son! Linger linger a while

Let look me long a dying-glance

Let tie me this eternal bond at once

You leaving, I left the hop of living

You dying, I am dead by your lying

Ah son, my son from holy throne

Merely messiah would plane the earth

Would exempt us from oppression with mirth


(Author is a Student)


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