DSP Aadil gets bail in corruption, extortion case
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DSP Aadil gets bail in corruption, extortion case

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, October 15, 2023

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 Srinagar, Oct 14: In a latest development unfolding in suspended DSP Sheikh Aadil's case, Special Anti-Corruption Court granted interim bail to Sheikh Adil Mushtaq, a suspended Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Jammu and Kashmir. This move came after his arrest last month on charges related to alleged corruption and extortion.
Special Judge Surinder Singh, presiding over the Anti-Corruption Court in Srinagar, issued the order for the interim bail. DSP Sheikh Adil, a 2015 batch officer in the Kashmir Police Service (KPS), was apprehended on September 21.
The accusations against Sheikh Adil involve accepting money in exchange for dropping charges in a "terror funding case" and an attempt to implicate a police officer who was investigating a terror operative. Following his arrest, a five-member Special Investigation Team was established to probe the case, and Adil was suspended by the Jammu and Kashmir government.
The court addressed concerns raised by the prosecution about the possibility that Sheikh Adil, being a high-ranking officer, could intimidate witnesses or influence them. However, the court noted that the investigation was nearly complete and explained that the prosecution could seek bail cancellation if such actions occurred. 
The court also highlighted that Adil is a suspended police officer with no official authority and could be instructed not to interfere with the proceedings against him.
The court argued that keeping the accused in custody for an extended period would not serve the prosecution's interests, emphasizing that it was up to the prosecution to prove the bribery charges. Therefore, the court concluded that granting interim bail to the accused would not obstruct the course of justice.
As a result, the court granted interim bail to Sheikh Adil, subject to him providing two surety bonds of Rs. 50,000 each along with a personal bond of the same amount.
In addition to the bail conditions, Sheikh Adil was prohibited from making any inducements, threats, or promises to individuals with knowledge of the case, aimed at dissuading them from disclosing information. He was required to cooperate with the ongoing investigation and make himself available to the investigating officer when requested.
The court also ordered Sheikh Adil to surrender his passport and travel documents to the investigating officer until the investigation was complete to prevent the possibility of him fleeing. Furthermore, he was not allowed to leave the Kashmir valley without prior permission from the investigating officer or the court.
The court warned that if the accused violated any of these conditions, the investigating officer could request the competent court to cancel the granted bail.

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