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Drug Free Srinagar

Post by on Thursday, March 24, 2022

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Yesterday, Honorable LG Manoj Sinha flagged off ‘Spring Run for Drug Free Srinagar’ from the world famous Dal Lake. This event was part of the District Administration's IEC efforts to raise public awareness about drug abuse and its harmful effects in the society. Around 1500 people mostly youth took part in the Spring Run and committed to rid society of the drug problem. This is a welcome step initiated by the administration and must be appreciated. While government and the concerned authorities are trying their best to eradicate drug menace in the valley but still more needs to be done to achieve the goal of a drug-free society. Many medical experts are of the opinion that the easy availability of those pharmaceutical drugs that have sedative properties is one of the main factors of rising drug abuse in the valley. It is a fact that Young people are more likely to fall in the trap of drug abuse, particularly when the drugs or substances are easy to get. While the onus is on J&K police to seize and destroy all illegal drugs and substances and bring to book the peddlers, it is also the responsibility of other institutions and administration to intensify the fight against drug abuse. There are two facets of the bigger problem of drug abuse in the UT in general and Kashmir valley in particular, on which enquiries must be based. One is relating the “why part” – why are the cases piling up despite campaigns and admonitions. There is a belief that large number of youth are falling for drugs. Such a belief needs to be substantiated with evidences, which is possible by more surveys and studies. It is not only to get an accurate picture but also to know underlying reasons. The second, equally important aspect is that of drug trafficking. From opioids to prescription drugs, the chain of distribution and also the production has to be closely monitored. With easy availability or access to drugs and substances, the abuse is likely to occur. If the availability of drugs and substances classified as being ‘abused’ is rampant in the UT it puts a question mark on the working of law enforcement agencies in the UT. From where are the drugs springing up, it is a serious question that needs to be answered. Also what make things worse are the scanty de-addiction and counseling centers, taboos, undesirable social behaviour and criminal acts linked to addiction and abuse. We need to convince ourselves first, if the measures –seminars, events and symposia – are enough to tackle this difficult situation the society is in for or a sustainable, effective and comprehensive strategy is needed to prevent rising drug abuse in the valley.







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