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Drug de-addiction campaign
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Drug de-addiction campaign

Post by on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Last week, Falahudarain, a local NGO launched a week long drug de-addiction campaign in Bramulla district with the intent to curb the hovering drug menace in Kashmir. The campaign also tried to create awareness among the students and people at large about the serious ramifications of drug abuse in the valley. It is a good step taken by this NGO, but it needs backing and intervention of other sections of the society as well. While many programmes that highlight the adverse affects of drug abuse and addiction are held in the UT throughout the year by governmental and non-governmental organizations, it does not appear to assuage the problem.  In J&K drug abuse has become a major challenge for the authorities to tackle. Over the years, the graph of drug abuse in J&K has been rising at an alarming rate. According to some reports J&K has over 600,000 drug affected people and that contributes 4.6 percent of the total population. This is a grave concern and demands greater attention from all quarters.  Many medical experts are of the opinion that financially weaker sections are the largest among the drug abusers in the UT. Also, easy availability of those pharmaceutical drugs that have sedative properties in almost every part of the UT is said to be one of the main factors of rising drug abuse. Further, young people are more likely to fall in the trap of drug abuse, particularly when the drugs or substances are easy to get. Unfortunately, for some extra cash some medical shops and stores are reportedly selling medicines with sedative properties to people, particularly young people and without any prescription. It has also been noted that fake/fraudulent prescriptions are acquired by some persons who are habituated or addicted to drugs. While the onus is on J&K police to seize and destroy all illegal drugs and substances and bring to book the peddlers, it is also the responsibility of other institutions and administration to intensify the fight against drug abuse. Due to drug addiction many people are caught in the web of crime and deviant behaviors. It is also responsibility of parents to guide and help their children especially during such stages of growth when they are vulnerable. People of the UT need to introspect and try to find remedial measures for the disease that has done much harm to the society. The larger role has to be played by the government as with few improved policy measures and legislations drug and substance abuse can be controlled. A broader approach and new strategies that are localized can do better in curbing drug menace than following age old models and concepts.   




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