'Drop and Go' facility launched at Srinagar airport for hassle-free travel
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'Drop and Go' facility launched at Srinagar airport for hassle-free travel

Travelers can leave their vehicles outside the main gate and use e-carts: Director Airport

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Saturday, June 10, 2023

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Srinagar, June 06: Authorities at Srinagar International Airport on Friday introduced a “drop and go” facility at the entry gate of the airport premises to address the “long-standing” grievances from passengers about delays in reaching the airport.
Director Srinagar Airport, Kuldeep Singh Rishi said that the complimentary facility will allow passengers to leave their vehicles at the drop gate and directly put their baggage on x-ray, and after screening, they can board e-carts stationed at Drop Gate.
"The passengers will then directly put their baggage on x-ray and after screening can board our e-carts stationed at Drop Gate, he said. Passengers can also avail paid porter service if they wish so," he said.
Singh said that the comfortable, eco-friendly, battery-operated e- carts will take the passengers to the terminal building with their baggage adding the facility is complementary and they are not charging the passengers any fees for using this service.
Singh said that under the new facility, the passengers can leave their vehicles at the drop gate, and the vehicles can go back to the city. At the terminal building, he said, the passengers may proceed to the check-in counters for the check-in process, he said.
'The facility will lead to a reduction of 40 to 50% in vehicular traffic while the screening time and the waiting time at Drop Gate will also proportionately reduce drastically.
Singh said that the congestion at Drop Gate entry to the airport is a long-standing issue.
“The vehicle checking and screening takes a lot of time It is necessary to stop this vehicle checking at Drop Gate so that our passengers do not waste time waiting for their turn,” he said.
 He further said that vehicle checking, baggage checking, and personal frisking is a time-consuming process and this results in delays to the passengers seeking entry to the airport.
“Hassles are increasing to such an extent that we have to often advise the passengers to come to the airport four hours in advance so that they do not miss their flights,” he said.
“Despite such precautions, there are frequent complaints that passengers are still missing their flights.” The new Drop and Go facility is expected to do away with such delays and hassles," Director said.

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