DPAP says it has emerged as ‘major alternative’ political party in J&K 
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DPAP says it has emerged as ‘major alternative’ political party in J&K 

Post by RK News on Monday, October 2, 2023

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Srinagar, Oct 01: Asserting that he is committed to serving the people, Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad on Sunday said his return to regional politics is aimed at building Jammu and Kashmir as an epicentre of peace and prosperity. He said he rejected many offers like the seat of Rajya Sabha and other portfolios only because he shared the concerns of common people in the Union Territory and vowed that all the socioeconomic issues would be addressed if he is elected to power.
“While I can see the resounding gathering today at the very first foundation day of our party, it shows to all our opponents where the people stand politically,” he said while addressing thousands of his workers at a Foundation Day function in Srinagar. 
Azad said that while the people of Jammu and Kashmir remember his tenure as chief minister as a “golden era of development” if in upcoming elections he gets the mandate again, the speed of developmental activities will be further accelerated. “This time not three shifts but in four shifts developmental works will be taking place. That will enhance job opportunities for both skilled and non-skilled labourers. Those who are migrating from the UT in search of jobs will get opportunities to earn their livelihood at home,” he said. 
The DPAP chief said he “won’t mislead people like many other political parties” and ensures the people believe and practice real politics. “We will not mislead people on fake promises and promise them sky and deliver nothing. We want to tell them the truth and ensure whatever we speak is delivered on the ground,” he said. 
He said that due to fake promises and emotional politics, developmental issues have taken the back seat. “It is imperative to engage with the people and begin a healthy politics instead of playing over emotions and securing power for personal gains. I believe it is my duty and responsibility to guide my people towards the path of peace, prosperity and development to ensure all coming generations have secure and safe future,” he said. 
The former chief minister said he would defend the political and economic rights of the people of J&K and lead from the front whenever needed. He said DPAP is not just a political party fighting to gain power but an ideology, belief and mission to restore and secure the socioeconomic rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. 
Azad said the belief and the trust of people in just one year has taken the party to new heights and it is in itself a record that in just 12 months DPAP is a household name. “I ask my workers not to rest here but ensure we are one of the most effective and pro-people political alternatives in Jammu and Kashmir. Work hard and ensure more and more people are joining this caravan,” he appealed. 

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