DPAP concerned over deforestation in Chenab Valley
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DPAP concerned over deforestation in Chenab Valley

Post by RK News on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Srinagar, May 29: Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) has expressed concern over unabated deforestation in Chenab Valley which is causing landslides, land sinking, and soil erosion.
In a statement, a DPAP spokesperson urged LG Manoj Sinha to take cognizance of the serious environmental issue which has taken place due to the large-scale felling of trees in the Chenab Valley by timber smugglers.
The spokesperson quoted reports of tree felling from the Chirala Range of Bhaderwah Forest Division as police seized illegally extracted green cedar trees from Lohar Thawa, Sundar Goth, Draman Gad, Kutta and Chirala areas.
“Scores of machines are being used by timber smugglers in the Chirala area where large-scale tree felling is being witnessed by locals,” said the spokesperson adding that deforestation is impacting the environment of the entire Chenab Valley.
Meanwhile, the DPAP Srinagar recently conducted a significant district meeting at the party headquarters in Sonwar. The meeting presided over by Amir Bhat, District President Srinagar, discussed several crucial issues pertaining to the development of Srinagar.
“The party membership and its consolidation at the grassroots level were emphasized as a key priority,” the spokesperson said. “The Democratic Progressive Azad Party Srinagar recognizes the importance of a robust and active membership base to drive positive change within the district. Members present at the meeting expressed their commitment to working collectively towards strengthening the party at the grassroots, thereby ensuring its growth and influence in Srinagar.”
Amir Bhat, District President Srinagar, expressed gratitude to all attendees for their valuable contributions and reaffirmed the party’s dedication to serving the people of Srinagar. He highlighted the need for unity, collaboration, and concerted efforts to overcome challenges and achieve the party’s objectives.
“The DPAP Srinagar remains committed to fostering an inclusive and progressive environment for the betterment of Srinagar district and its constituents. The party’s vision is rooted in the principles of democracy, equality, and social justice, aiming to bring about positive transformations in the lives of the people it serves,” the spokesperson said.

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