Dowry has no place in Islam
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Dowry has no place in Islam

Post by on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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“Dowry has no place in Islam as it is known in its present form .Usually the bride and her parents or family is supposed to give a huge amount or various items to the groom or her in-laws at the time of marriage ,which is totally unislamic .All the monetary and financial responsibilities to solemnise a marriage and related to maintenance household and sharing the burden for education marriage and other obligations of the children after marriage  are on the shoulders of the groom. It has been categorically said in a Hadith that if a man who intends to marry is not able to provide these needs for his wife ,it is better for him to observe fasting .But if by dowry is meant the Dower and gifts and all the precious items a groom provides to his  spouse ,that is allowed in Islam and the man has no right to take these back in any case except in khulah when the wife on her own wants to break the marriage for very sound and genuine reasons .Otherwise ,if the husband is poor and the wife is rich ,he can barrow from his wife money but has to return that back in due course of time .”

Prof Hamidullah Marazi

Head Dept of Religious Studies, Dean school of social sciences

Central university of Kashmir

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