Dowry curse
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Dowry curse

Post by on Saturday, October 2, 2021

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Dowry-a blot on the pious institution of marriage- is the gravest of the evils present in our society. That is despite the fact it is shunned by all religions or orders.
Despite it having been outlawed for quite some time now, it still lingers its ugly head in our society.
This filthy concept has led to late marriages, abuse in marriages, murders and suicides also.
One wonders if the groom or his parents feel even a tiny bit ashamed while asking about dowry. Do they not see they are acting like beggars, even beggars beg when it is their last resort. But I suppose the dowry pursuers have lost the humanity in them. They are nothing, but losers and thieves who failed miserably to get certain things in their life on their own and now want those disgraceful wishes fulfilled by virtue of dowry. 
I have seen and heard about married couples praying to not have a daughter, lest they may have to pay dowry.
What is more shameful than that?
In our society, people might not listen to the calls of any particular organisation when it comes to the annihilation of social evils. Therefore, it is important to eliminate these evils at an individual level. Let us start within our families as the charity begins at home.
 Abdul Majid Bhat 
Advocate, J&K High Court 

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