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Downtown Heroes FC triumphs, defeats AG’s XI by solitary goal

Post by on Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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Srinagar, Oct 04: In an ongoing First Positive Kashmir Knockout Football Championship 2021, Downtown Heroes FC defeated AG’s XI by a solitary goal on Sunday in the 10th match of the Championship here at Synthetic Turf TRC.
The tenth match of the championship was played between Downtown Hero’s FC and Accountant General Football Team (AG’s XI) under floodlights at 6:30PM.  
The match between the rival teams was expected to be a high voltage match and it lived upto the expectations of the spectators, who had thronged the venue in huge numbers.
Players from both the teams displayed high quality and high speed football enthralling the huge crowd, though only one goal was scored in the entire 90-minutes of the play.
As the match started, forwards of both the teams started attacking each other’s goalpost to seize an early lead. 
 However, the defence lines of both the teams did not allow the forwards to penetrate. The forwards of the two teams looked off colour as they missed several scoring opportunities. 
The goalkeepers of both the teams made some excellent saves and thus the first half ended without scoring any goal from both the clubs. 
In the Second half both the teams battled for a goal, when it looked the match would end in a goalless draw, Frank FiiFi managed to breach the defence lines of AG’s XI and scored an all important goal of the match. 
 Trailing by a goal, the AG’s XI players launched counter attacks, but the defenders of the Downtown Hero’s FC, especially their goalkeeper, did not allow any opportunity to the opposite team to score. 
 When the referee blew the final whistle, the score was 1-0 favoring Downtown Hero’s FC.
 Tabish was declared as the Man of the Match.
 The Tournament is organized by J&K Football Association in collaboration with JKSC.

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