Downtown Heroes FC clinches victory as champions of Srinagar Premiere League 2023
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Downtown Heroes FC clinches victory as champions of Srinagar Premiere League 2023

Post by RK News on Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Srinagar, Nov 04: Downtown Heroes FC emerged triumphant in the Srinagar Premiere League 2023, showcasing unparalleled skill, teamwork, and determination throughout the season. The team’s remarkable performance culminated in their title as champions after playing a total of 20 matches, with an impressive record of 18 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw.
This historic win is not only a testament to Downtown Heroes FC’s prowess on the field but also marks a significant milestone as the first private club to secure the prestigious Srinagar Premiere League title. Since 2017, JK Bank FC had dominated the league, making this victory a momentous occasion in the football landscape of Srinagar.
Downtown Heroes FC’s journey to victory was defined by their unwavering commitment to excellence and a community-driven approach. As a community-based football club, they have garnered widespread support, making them the most followed team in the league. This victory not only establishes them as champions but solidifies their role as a unifying force within the community.
The team’s success extends beyond local competitions, as they also participated in the prestigious Durand Cup, showcasing their talent on a broader stage. Downtown Heroes FC’s dedication to both community engagement and competitive success sets them apart in the football realm, fostering a legacy that goes beyond the pitch.
That's a significant milestone for J&K football with DFA Srinagar conducting 220 matches in which each team got 21 matches to play in round robbin.
Downtown's Heroes FC emerged first, JK Bank second and STFC Natipora third. The league was sponsored by New JK Roadways in collaboration with J&K Sports Council. The award ceremony is yet to be conducted.

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