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Double Faced People
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Double Faced People

Post by on Saturday, January 15, 2022

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Our Prophet (SAW) warned us about such people.

Beware of such kind of people.

Their words cannot match their inner feelings.

They say something and do something else.

Untimely they change their colors with the situation.

They fit themselves in any situation, and have power to disguise.

They consent us that they are with you.

But time passes you see the facts.

They are like chameleon

How they stab you, you do not have familiarity of that.

They are extreme masquerades.

They are deceitful.

They cannot be anyone’s.

They have fiendishness in their veins.

They are devilish.

At times they may be successful in spreading hatred.

But time will change everything.

One day they may regret.

But time waits for none.

They are in lose; they are in lose.


(Author is MA in Literature. Email: sabahsabahmehraj@gmail.com)

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