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Does CUK follow guidelines of UGC?
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Does CUK follow guidelines of UGC?

The university that was made functional in the year 2010-- some 12 years ago but is yet to have its own single campus

Post by on Sunday, May 15, 2022

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It's a dream for many of the students to be enrolled in the University as a regular student and qualify it's entrance examination; as a university life remains a dream for many of the learners, given most of the students are unable to qualify entrance examination; if it be a central University then it's icing on the cake; since central Universities provide ample exposure for a student to grow and provide an all-round development for a disciple. Besides this, the fee structure also varies from the state universities and is lesser than less compared to other universities.

Central Universities are the best places for education; provided one wants to excel in the academics, they are student friendly, student oriented and their main focus remains only students; for the central government establishes them only for the students for which they hire and recruit teaching and non teaching staff so that students-- who are future of a nation get amply benefited. Let I tell readers that the pay scale of teaching and non teaching staff of these central Universities is more advanced than other state universities; besides having higher perks and allowances than the rest government employees.

I have studied in different Universities-- four Universities. I have felt the difference among all, and let I be  clear in saying while having hand on my heart that  I've enjoyed more in Central University than the other universities where I was enrolled as a pupil . Central University has its own ambience, creates its own aura, has its own decorum; moreover,  a feeling of pride to be its Student, but the unfortunate state is; the central University of Kashmir lacks all the standards to call it a university and  student friendly . The university seems no less than a debris and a ruin; as even after 12 years of its establishment the university is yet to establish its single unison campus.

Welcome to Central University of Kashmir; the same university I have been student some good years ago after qualifying its entrance examination. University where I enjoyed being a student, university which is no burden for a poor but excellent student, university which provides assistance for a poor student so that he/she too may cherish the dreams  he/she aspires. The university that was made functional in the year 2010-- some 12 years ago but is yet to have its own single campus for which students have to loiter like a layabouts from campus to campus for their work since the so - called Central University of Kashmir is working at different satellite campuses:  Green Campus at Duderhama, Science Campus at Nunar, Science and Arts Campus at Old Hospital Building, Ganderbal, and Main Campus at Tulmulla.

Let me remind readers, since  its inception, Central University of Kashmir has done wonders, the university has celebrated its only  convocation in 2018 that too  after sweet  8 years of its establishment and since then, the students are waiting for their degree certificates to be issued, but administration is very much particular about the career of students , hence they  leave no stone unturned to enrol students, no matter it be in the midsession; since learners  must be enrolled in the varsity and lectures must go on and marks cards must be issued to ham before the authorities ‘ Central University is doing tremendous work in the field of education'. Here I am going to tell you my plight, and share my experience about the central University of Kashmir; which is no less than a primary school in a particular zone. 

I was enrolled in the varsity in 2016 and my degree certificate must have been issued after 180 days of the completion of my course as per guidelines of UGC-- dated 19th May, 2016 --D.O.No.F.1-112016(Secy)

But when I approached said varsity against the said genuine demand the authorities demanded Rupees 2000, while claiming that I was taking degree in absentia or have to wait for next convocation in which the same degree can be taken while paying Rupees 500. But I showed them guidelines of UGC, the authorities soon directed that I must approach Vice chancellor of the said University who was but out of station without having in charge vice chancellor; as told by the personal secretary of Vice chancellor of the Central University in an arrogant tone of voice as if a student was his white burden which he dislikes to carry. I left dumbfounded while contemplating, does University follows the guidelines of UGC or follows its own bossy and hegemonic attitude to trample over the careers of students and their future endeavors.


(Author is a writer and RK Columnist. He can be reached on: mufti.jameel97@gmail.com)

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