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Does cold weather affect your heart
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Does cold weather affect your heart

Post by on Monday, December 20, 2021

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Cold  weather is one of  the most common risk factor you encounter in the winter which can impact your health  specifically your heart.
There are several theories why heart attacks increase in winter.The main risk factor is biological: The cold causes blood vessels to contract, which can raise blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Angina, or chest pain due to coronary heart disease, can also worsen in winter when coronary arteries constrict in the cold.
Furthermore, your heart has to work extra hard to maintain a healthy body temperature, and winter wind can make this even more difficult because it causes the body to lose heat more quickly. If your body temperature drops below 95 degrees, hypothermia can damage the heart muscle.
Lifestyle changes, particularly physical activity, can impact your risk as well., temperature, physical activity and emotional stress can contribute to an increased risk for heart attack during the winter.
Take extra precautions 
Dress for the weather,Wear layers and especially wear hats, gloves and heavy socks. 
Give yourself breaks to warm up if you’re spending time outside in the cold.
Wash your hands frequently. Respiratory infections can increase the risk of heart attack. 
Get help. If you have new symptoms of a heart condition.

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