Do pregnant women need to eat for two?
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Do pregnant women need to eat for two?

Post by on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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While “Eating for two!” is a common phrase people often use, you do not need or should eat for two during pregnancy. You just need to eat a very healthy diet depending on what your weight is at the beginning of the pregnancy. Typically, the caloric demand increases only by one hundred calories per trimester. This means one hundred calories in the first trimester, two hundred in the second and three hundred in the third trimester. Calcium iron and calories intake also increases during pregnancy.
If a pregnant woman is overweight at the beginning of the pregnancy, she may be recommended to reduce her calorie intake. If a pregnant woman is underweight, she may have to increase her calorie intake. The reality of the matter is that if a woman is of a relatively normal weight, she just needs to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. It’s also important to ensure that some food items such as milk products, which have calcium and are very healthy for the formation of baby’s bones, are also included.

Dr Masood Rashid

Critical Care Specialist 
J&K Health Services


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