District Anantnag THANG-TA Championship 2023-24 wraps up
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District Anantnag THANG-TA Championship 2023-24 wraps up

Post by RK News on Friday, September 1, 2023

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Anantnag, Aug 31: The fervent echoes of martial prowess reverberated within the Indoor Hall Anantnag as the District Anantnag THANG-TA Championship 2023-24 concluded with a crescendo of achievements. The championship, a striking display of martial arts mastery, witnessed the convergence of sub-Junior, Junior, and senior athletes, both boys and girls, from across the district.
Organized under the distinguished banner of the Jammu & Kashmir THANG-TA Association and orchestrated by the District Anantnag Thang-Ta Association, the event was a testament to the indomitable spirit of these young athletes. Further fueling the fire of competition, the championship was magnanimously sponsored by the Jammu & Kashmir Sports Council.
More than 200 players and officials converged upon the Indoor Hall, representing various corners of the district, vying for supremacy in the traditional martial art of Thang-Ta. The arena resonated with electrifying energy as participants showcased their dedication and rigor in mastering this ancient form of combat.

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