Digitizing Libraries
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Digitizing Libraries

Post by on Thursday, March 31, 2022

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The way modern technology and present day scientific advancements are merged with educational purposes, it is expanding the reach of knowledge in space and time. Not only has it revolutionized the manner and method of education but the overall process has undergone a tremendous shift. Introduction of these new techniques into educational field has immense benefits. The accessibility to knowledge becomes easier and wider. More and more students get to benefit from the preserved archival material. Intervention of technology into the domain of knowledge has led to the dissemination of information at such a speed and to those levels that would only seem unimaginable some decades back. Internet is the most striking example of the phenomenon. It is a fact that information and technology helps us to preserve rare books and other such stuff for posterity. Many experts are of the opinion that digitizing information especially in libraries is an effective step towards preservation of the data that is of immense value for researchers. If we look at any civilization in the world the role played by the libraries in its growth, development and advancement has been unparalleled. Libraries are regarded as the best learning centers and gateways to knowledge and  cultural heritage of any nation. If we, as a people want to move ahead and advance in learning and application, our public as well as academic libraries need to be advanced and equipped with latest means of technology. That will play an important role in promoting the use of information and give solutions to many challenges that traditional libraries are facing. Digitization provides many benefits e.g. easy accessibility of data, cost reduction, data security, increased productivity and better data storage and recovery. Although there are a few modern techniques which Allama Iqbal library, KU has introduced in the past, yet there is a need to do more. Digitization not only helps our libraries to become more efficient but will also help the student fraternity to access the data with ease. The library authorities, both public and private, should try to digitize as many books and other sources of information on priority so that reading culture is enriched among students and people at large in Kashmir. Government and the concerned authorities should develop a comprehensive public library system so that free access to the world’s knowledge is available to all the sections of the society. 








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