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Dental Health

Post by on Friday, May 20, 2022

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Don’t brush in a hurry take your time whilst brushing - Take your time while brushing. It’s important to brush slowly, lightly and gently. The Indian Dental Association advocates brushing for a full two minutes, twice a day. Avoid brushing in a back and forth motion. This could lead to damage of gums and tooth enamel. We use the wrong type of brush. Use brushes with soft bristles. Avoid hard. Gums have a predisposition to shrink or draw back with age, even if the gums are healthy. Though the tooth above the gum-line is made of enamel, cementum is the outermost layer of the root surface and is not as impervious to decay, Gen.

Use mouthwash regularly, more so before sleep.

Use floss to clean interpretation areas and avoid using toothpicks.

Avoid aerated drinks on regular basis.

Clean well your tounge with tounge cleaner regularly in the morning to avoid halitosis/ bad breath.




 Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmed Magray 

Lecturer, Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Srinagar

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