Delhi’s good samaritan wins hearts with generous culinary offerings at Amarnath Yatra
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Delhi’s good samaritan wins hearts with generous culinary offerings at Amarnath Yatra

Post by Younus Rashid on Monday, August 21, 2023

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Anantnag, Aug 19: For the last one decade, Delhi resident Dr Manorma Bhardwaj has continued to share a special bond with the annual Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra with help of her voluntary service of feeding the pilgrims.
Bhardwaj has etched her name as a beacon of selflessness through her dedication of running a 'langer sewa' during the Yatra every year since 2010.
Her remarkable journey is one of love, resilience, and an unswerving commitment to providing sustenance and solace to the pilgrims embarking on their sacred journey. Situated at the heart of the Nunwan Base Camp in Pahalgam, her efforts have garnered admiration and respect from all quarters. Bhardwaj’s journey began when her late husband initiated the langar service. She recollects the enthusiasm which her late husband exhibited when he laid the foundation of the langar and ran it till 2009. Bhardwaj says she is trying her best to retain the legacy. “He started with very little and I carried it although,” she says. Despite unexpected circumstances, Bhardwaj stepped up, continuing the noble gesture of providing meals to pilgrims from different parts of the country.
The langar offers a variety of vegetarian meals as per the Shrine Board’s list, ensuring that the needs of pilgrims are fulfilled.
"From morning tea and biscuits to lunch consisting of lentils, rice, roti, and vegetable curry, the langar caters to all. Sometimes we make desserts such as kheer as well,” she says.
Beyond the meals, Bhardwaj cherishes the sense of togetherness and the opportunity to connect with people who come from different states. “It feels good to be with everyone,” she says, emphasising her satisfaction with the dedicated team working alongside her. In the evening, the menu transforms slightly to provide milk, coffee, and other food items. The langar ensures that every pilgrim is well-nourished and cared for, echoing the spirit of compassion that underlines this humble initiative. 

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