Dal Lake cleaning operations in full swing; 12 machines, labour at work
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Dal Lake cleaning operations in full swing; 12 machines, labour at work

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Thursday, August 31, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 30: In an endeavour to restore the cleanliness and beauty of Dal Lake, the Lakes Conservation and Management Authority (LC&MA) has intensified its operations.
According to a senior official from LC&MA, the department is tirelessly working towards maintaining the pristine condition of the lake. Twelve machines have been deployed to facilitate the cleaning of Dal Lake. Additionally, a large workforce of labourers is meticulously engaged in manual cleaning efforts.
The official emphasized that every possible measure is being taken to expedite the cleaning process of the lake, which holds significant importance as a favoured tourist destination in Kashmir. Dal Lake is a top priority for the authorities, and they are committed to preserving its natural allure. Moreover, the department is striving to enhance the appeal of Dal Lake through various initiatives.
Recent developments include the installation of four illuminated floating jetties, designed to accommodate motor boats for parking. These jetties not only serve a functional purpose but also add a captivating visual dimension for visitors, especially during the evening. Furthermore, the introduction of approximately 150 aerators has contributed to the lake's enhanced beauty during the twilight hours.
The Lakes Conservation and Management Authority has also embarked on a project to connect all 900 houseboats to Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). This strategic move aims to divert sewage away from Dal Lake by directing it through the STP pipelines.
However, there has been a delay in the execution of this project. The department acknowledged that the initial contractor failed to complete the STP project within the originally stipulated timeline. Consequently, the project was reassigned to a new contractor, with the expectation that the work would be concluded by the end of the current year.
In contrast, houseboat owners have expressed their frustration with the department's perceived inaction. Despite promises spanning two years, the anticipated installation of STPs has not materialized, leaving them dissatisfied with the lack of progress.

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