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Daikin launches new range of hot, cold air conditioners

Post by on Friday, June 10, 2022

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Srinagar, June 09: Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt. Ltdhas launched a new range of Hot & Cold split room ACs indigenously conceptualised & manufactured for the discerning consumers in Jammu & Kashmir.
This new U Series range boasts of future ready technologies that empower the customers to manage the quality of air conditioning across their premises.
At Daikin, our research indicates heavy customer emphasis on air quality and health, so we have improved temperature range of our 4 star Hot & Cold split air conditioners with heating available from -10 degree to 24 degree Celsius, which suits best in harsh winters of Kashmir valley.
Our commitment to deliver goodness in air via product innovations continues with our Dew clean technology that enables indoor units (IDU) to self-clean itself with atmospheric water ensuring hygienic and efficient operations. Considering a 150 square feet space is very common area across homes & offices, this newly launched range of Daikin AC’s offer itself to the compact cooling/heating & air quality needs for every common man. With wide spread electrification of India over the last few years, Daikin AC’s presents an ideal choice for consumers to avail eco-friendly air-conditioning solutions.
Daikin VRV, our other flagship air-conditioning solution is a smart & future ready Hot-and-Cold air-conditioning solution, pioneered by Daikin combines engineering, utility and luxury together. An ideal solution to make your home a comfortable place in wider temperature range according to your needs without occupying much space. It can provide heating in ambient temperature conditions as low as -20 degree Celsius and cooling in temperature as high as 52 degrees Celsius. VRV X system features VRT technology, which automatically adjusts refrigerant temperature along with innovative Scroll compressor provides huge energy savings, which make it the best air conditioner system for modern residential or commercial premises. For Indoor Air Quality improvement, we provide solution to bring in the fresh air which reduces the CO2 levels and improves health of occupants. As we work towards iOT and AI. We provide users to control and monitor Airconditioning system remotely via mobile/tablet. A hi-wall split air-conditioner and a duct each with low static pressure and high static pressure are also available as indoor unit options.
K J Jawa, Chairman & Managing Director, Daikin India, said in recent statements “At Daikin we have a Vision for – ‘Make in India’ products that is designed to serve the needs of every Indian. With ACs, now becoming a necessity, there was a need for a radical change in product innovation & standards in order to serve the emerging consumer aspirations.”

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