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Cultivating good practices
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Cultivating good practices

Post by on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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In order to bolster the agriculture and horticulture sectors, the UT of Jammu & Kashmir on Monday signed the tripartite agreement with Sikkim Government and Sikkim University for collaboration on training, technology, capacity building and extension activities for saffron and other temperate crops. While speaking on the occasion, Honorable LG Manoj Sinha said that the efforts of the UT Government are on to bring agricultural reforms and provide maximum benefits to the farming community. He further said that this collaboration will strengthen the ‘Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat’ initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is fact that the importance of self reliance in agriculture production and development of agriculture and allied sectors is underrated, probably due to the excess of attention drawn by other sectors. In the past, J&K has asked for more food procurement from the Centre to cater to increasing food grain needs of the populace particularly the marginal sections of the society. The state of this vital sector demands an elaborate strategy from the government that touches all the stakeholders. The government has to act fast on increasing per unit production and productivity. With farmers shifting to commercially viable crops, the coming years will witness more pressure on Public Distribution System. Many experts are also of the opinion that the reason for the sharp decline in agricultural production, over the years, is unabated conversion of land, shift in agricultural practices like growing lesser quantity of certain crops, etc. Further, the reducing of gap between lab and land has more often been emphasized by the agricultural scientists, policy planners and farmers alike. Measures that have been undertaken for revival of agriculture have not yielded the desired results, for which both the farm and faculty are responsible. Agriculture needs revolutionary changes and for that to happen a strategic map is first to be dawn and then executed within a set time frame. Doling out money is only part of the solution rather than tackling the problem holistically. Agriculture and horticulture sector provides an open room for technical graduates to start their own ventures, but what the arrangement lacks is a proper model for execution. A substantial reworking of primary sector will help address its problems, provided the government has a will. Practices that are detrimental and lead to reduced production need to be discontinued, which can only happen if laws are implemented in letter and spirit. The agricultural sector holds the key of a prosperous Jammu and Kashmir and for that purpose collaboration with other states and universities can provide a significant step towards the holistic development of agriculture and horticulture sector in the UT.

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