Crucial role of family
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Crucial role of family

Post by RK News on Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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The role played by the family is very vital in any given social set up. It plays an important role in preserving the moral and ethical fabric of society. The institution of family is the basic ingredient of any social structure. The status of this social institution reflects the overall health of the society. If our families are fragmented and broken, our society will face serious consequences. The preposition can be confirmed and validated by looking at the western societies. Western societies are in a state of chaos and disarray because they have failed to keep the family intact. The principle of the survival of the fittest is widely acclaimed, particularly in Europe. However, the Holy Quran goes beyond this commonplace rule. The Quranic stance is cognate with religious sensibility, for it lays down the norm that whatever is beneficial for mankind is bound to last. The concept of relation has undergone such a huge change in west that family has almost dissolved. Since family has an important sociological function to perform, such societies express the fault in terms of rise in crime rate. Kashmir, for the last few years, is exhibiting strange tendencies; not only are our moral and ethical standards going down but the crime rate has also shown a consistent increase. We also need to explore the reasons that have led to the steep rise in the post marriage problems that ultimately lead to divorces and give birth to woeful tales of the children of broken families. The factors that result in spoiling the relation between spouses are varied and need to be tackled accordingly. In some cases elders can be held responsible for not allowing the spouses to have the required amount of freedom in the family. Furthermore, the atrocities against the women folk have particularly increased in today’s societies. A cursory look at the grim situation in J&K reveals that the bond within family system is slackening wherein the family members are separated by an enormous gulf marked by feelings of mistrust, alienation and even hostility, which does not auger well for the society, neither now nor tomorrow. Over the years, the family as an institution has ceased to compensate like a well knit unit. If our society has to be saved and we really care for our future generation, we must take it as a challenge and devise a method that can correct the ills draining into in our society as the weakening family system has the potential of pushing society further into the darkness of moral degradation.


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