CRPF Cup 2023 T20 Cricket Tournament
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CRPF Cup 2023 T20 Cricket Tournament

Day 2 ignites cricket frenzy with five nail-biting matches

Post by RK News on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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Srinagar, Oct 24: The CRPF Cup 2023 T20 Cricket Tournament's second day, held at iconic venues across the city, unfolded with high octane cricketing action that left fans and players exhilarated. The prestigious sporting event lived up to its promise of delivering an unforgettable cricketing spectacle that had spectators on the edge of their seats.
Day 2 Highlights: A Cricket Extravaganza Unleashed
The second day of the CRPF Cup 2023 T20 Cricket Tournament featured five intense matches that showcased the remarkable skills, determination, and sportsmanship of the participating teams and players. Matches were held at the SP College Ground, Amar Singh College Ground, and the Sher-e-Kashmir Stadium, each offering a unique setting for the action-packed contests.
Holiday Delight: Young Cricket Enthusiasts Rally for Their Heroes
Vijayadashami provided a well-deserved holiday, resulting in a surge of young cricket enthusiasts passionately supporting their favorite teams. The younger generation's energetic presence added an extra layer of fervor to the matches, creating an electric atmosphere at the grounds.
Match Summaries: Day 2
Match-1: SP College Ground
Lion Ganderbal: 151/9
HMT Reds: 152/8
Result: HMT Reds won by 2 wickets
Man of the Match: Nair Sarfaraz (HMT Reds) for his outstanding performance of 55 runs in 25 balls with a strike rate of 220.00.
Match-2: AS College Ground
Patron 11 Shalimar Atabal: 226/8
MLA Gymkhana Budgam: 282/6
Result: MLA Gymkhana Budgam won by 56 runs, Man of the Match: Dilawar Ali (MLA Gymkhana Budgam) for his impressive 72 runs in 26 balls, boasting a strike rate of 276.92.
Match-3: Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium
CRPF XI: 132/5
Habbakadal Elites: 133/2
Result: Habbakadal Elites won by 8 wickets, Man of the Match: Imran (Habbakadal Elites) for his performance, scoring 60 runs in 55 balls.
Match-4: SP College Grounds
Friends Cricket Club: 128/8, JKP XI: 129/7, Result: JKP XI won by 3 wickets, Man of the Match: Shabir Bhat (JKP XI) for his all-around performance, contributing 33 runs in 41 balls and taking 1 wicket.
Match-5: Amar Singh College Grounds
MLA Gymkhana Budgam: 177/9, Kashmir University: 165/9
Result: MLA Gymkhana Budgam won by 12 runs
Man of the Match: Tajamal Baba (MLA Gymkhana Budgam) and Mir Sarwar (Kashmir University) were jointly adjudged for their outstanding performances.
Tajamal Baba: 53 runs in 24 balls with a strike rate of 220.83. Mir Sarwar: 70 runs in 35 balls with a strike rate of 220.00.

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