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Crimes and decadence
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Crimes and decadence

Post by on Monday, March 28, 2022

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Crimes and decadence are indicators of how well the society is performing. As social norms are being continuously redefined standards deviations from acceptable, severe and elusive are prone to be infused in the society at large. A young man jumps a traffic signal and does not even bother to consider his act. While people may complain about missing traffic cops, about defunct lights, about governance and administration, but where is that self regulating civil action? Where has that respect to elders, that feeling to help a disabled, that aptness to admire and recognize, that warm friendly attitude toward folks, died down? At the lowest level, we see people who profess high ideals but do not desist from petty acts like stealing the electricity. The worst part is that people have internalized acts of morals corruption as it is considered a norm to steal an entity like electricity. People throw litter on the streets and complain either government corporations or the non-government organizations (NGOs) for not doing their job. People see, ignore and finally to flaunt their own knowledge about their surroundings start debating and arguing endlessly. Cars are parked on the road meant for traffic and when things get worse fingers are pointed at inefficiency of the department staff. Cops do not park these cars on the road but citizens do. Good citizens proclaim their holy wars on food wastage, marriage extravaganza on one hand and at the same time bear deep grudges for not getting their cut of meat. Good citizens ostracize addicts, but they never do anything to discourage deviancy or unacceptable norms. Late marriages, social inequities, vandalism, shattered families… it is a long list of woes that has befallen while people have been preoccupied with other grievances. Even after elaborate campaigning and pushing for formal sanctions and laws, it is a big disappointment as people defy these laws like they defy the norms. People are shying and shunning from important social responsibilities. The whole process of community positive behaviour regulation is being outsourced to ‘NGOs’. And what is ironic is that when formal social controls – laws have proved to be of but little help how can the good citizens expect wonders from the mediating force – the civil action groups. A self regulating and sustaining change has to come from within and from the subjects of the UT.             

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