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Covid vaccination in Oncology Patients.

Covid vaccination in Oncology Patients.

Post by on Thursday, May 20, 2021

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Covid vaccination in Oncology Patients.

It is safe to get covid 19 vaccination in all Oncology patients who are;

1.Treated of disease and are in remission.

2.Who are freshly diagnosed and awaiting treatment whether chemotherapy,surgery,or radiation.

3.Patients who are actively on chemotherapy or radiation and have normal laboratory parameters like CBC etc.

Vaccine is safe and effective though efficacy may be lower compared to healthy non Oncology subjects.

Who should not recive covid vaccination among Oncology subjects?

1.Patients of high grade Lymphomas like Burkits lymphoma,Lymphoblastic lymphoma or other high grade NHLs  who are on intensive chemotherapy regimen.

2.Patients of Acute leukemias like AML or ALL who are on high dose induction or consolidation chemotherapy and have lower WBC or platelet counts.

3.Patients who have undergone Stem cell/Bone marrow Transplant and gap is less than 3 months from transplant time. After 3 months of Transplant they can get vaccine safely.

My humble request to all the patients following the  Deptt.of Medical Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant Unit SKIMS  Srinagar and Other hospitals to go for covid 19 Vaccination as they are high risk individuals .It is safe and if there are no other contraindications. Also encourage their care givers at home to get vaccinated but remember despite taking vaccination all the preventive measures like wearing proper Face masks,social distancing,avoid gatherings,frequent hand washings and other covid appropriate behaviour should be followed religiously.

Stay safe and stay healthy and pray to Allah SWT to get rid of this pandemic for whole of humanity.

Dr Mir Mohammad Hussain
Asst.Professor Deptt.of Medical Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant ( Division of Lymphoma,Myeloma

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